January 18, 2011

Rearranging Again

I have a bad habit of rearranging furniture – often!   It is something that I have done for a long time.
In the early days of our marriage,   G-Man  had to work a lot of cases into the wee hours of the morning.  He was afraid he would awaken me if he turned on the lights when he got home.   So, he would come into the dark house ever so quietly.  At least he tried to be quiet.  Once he fell right across the back of the sofa  - the one that wasn’t there when he left for work!!! He stumped toes and bumped shins on several occasions, too.  Needless to say,  the noise of the impact and the yell that followed always sat me straight up in bed.  I would be scared out of my mind and he would be crippled.  We soon decided that the smart thing to do was leave a light on so he could see if anything had moved during the day.  And, it goes on to this day.
I really mean this day!  Today,  I took a cherry television stand (you know the kind that everyone had before the flat screens came on the scene) from the master bedroom where I had been using it as my night stand because it was tall enough for our rice bed.  Anyway,  I recently moved my Chinoiserie desk from behind the sofa in the great room into the master bedroom to use as my night stand.  That meant that the vintage sofa table came back upstairs from Alex’s house to return to it’s real use as a sofa table.   Are you totally lost yet????
Okay,  so now I have the old night stand/t.v. stand with nowhere to live.  For a second I considered painting it and taking it to my Old Banks Antique booth, but I’m really not ready to part with it.  I soon found the perfect spot for it.  But,  that meant moving the small barley twist gate leg table to another location first.  That proved to be easy and the chest made it’s way into the small entrance area between the foyer and our combination great room-kitchen-breakfast room.
Maybe a picture will help!

To the right is the t.v. cabinet in it’s new location.    The double doors open to the foyer.
Looking into the foyer where you can see Mason’s  tiny little “hot rod”.
Here,  you can barely see the refrigerator on the other side of this angled wall.
This is the beginning of the kitchen  -  it ends with another identical angled
wall behind the built in wall oven and microwave.   The little gate leg table
got rerouted to the other side of the oven wall which leads to a short hallway.
I will try to make more sense of  furniture placement with another post and
more pics of the other pieces  of furniture that were involved in this crazy move!
I talked myself out of another item that was purchased for my booth!
This old gray painted mirror with it’s wonderfully marred glass is staying here.
Alex and I decided that we liked it propped up on the t.v. cabinet.
I put some vintage postcards around the mirror frame
From the left – an old family jug – some favorite antique leather books –
cupid bust book end - vintage wire container full of sea shells . 

In the front is a small stack of  ‘naked’ books” with a vintage crocheted doily.
A modern leather clock and an adorable old handmade hair barrette sit atop the books.
This  pull-out shelf  once housed  the DVD player –Now a perfect place for some design books
(A VCR was there first – some of you  ‘young-uns’  have no idea what I am talking about!)
I love every one of these books – mostly French design
A few more French books and some delightful Southern design books that I adore.
Did anyone notice the new wall color????   Here’s a reminder!
kitchen christmas post 09 032
It cost a small fortune and took three forever's to execute this faux finish in such a
large room.   I ended up skipping the last step that would have made it look  better.
The wall was supposed to be waxed using a light brown wax and then burnished. 
I think I would have died if  I had done that step.  Burnishing is super hard work!!! 
Besides,  it would have to be stripped off with mineral spirits before I could paint
over it and that was not going to happen. 

I absolutely LOVE the freshness of the new wall color.   My heart feels lighter!!
G-Man has accepted it,  but he loved the old gold finish better.   : (
I really hate that,  but not enough to consider going back for one tiny second!!!

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  1. Bonjour Rhonda!
    It all looks beautiful. My Mother moved furniture all the time too. My Dad always had bruises and and insisted on a little night light!!
    I love that barrister's bookcase and the light walls.
    Can't wait to talk soon and fill you in!

  2. I do the same thing...flip furniture around here and there...not so much in this house as it does not adapt quite as well to change as some of my homes have.

    I love your new wall color. I do think it is fresher and brigher. A lot of the faux finishes are being replaced with lighter, brighter colors.

    Uhhh...you know your two stacks of French books? I have every one of those except the one called Timeless Treasures...hmmm...at least I don't THINK I have that one.

    I guess great minds think alike, huh? Hugs- Diana

  3. I'm always messing with stuff in my house. I think that is one of the cool things about vintage & antique stuff. You can use them anywhere. Love your collections. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and glad I had a chance to see your pixs. I'll be back!

    Take care, Sue

  4. I am looking forward to rearranging furniture again!! I love how you decorate it is absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. I really love the lighter paint color. The gold is pretty, but I can't imagine waxing my walls to the point that I wouldn't be able to change paint colors. looks great.

  6. I am good at rearranging furniture and putting it right back the next day!

    I love your home. The table and the mirror are perfect right there, but of course, it might be in another room next week....right? LOL


  7. Everything looks wonderful. Love the foyer area and your pieces are stunning with gorgeous vignettes. I always enjoy seeing how you combine different things for such an intersting and lovely arrangement. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. Hi Rhonda, it all looks so lovely, and I really like the white walls! I had my dinning room painting a pretty gold several years ago and paid quite a bit to have it done, and know I want to paint it a creamy white... I haven't told my husband this yet! I love all of the French decorating books too, I could look at them for hours! Oh and I'm so bad, but I actually laughed when I read about your husband falling over the couch that you had moved, "poor guy" glad you started leaving a light on for him! I don't move things around much anymore, but when I first became a antique dealer, I was buying things constantly, bringing them home and always had something different in the house, had my poor husband lifting and carrying furniture all the time, and several heavy items upstairs, only to decide after a little while I was ready for something else... so then he would have to carry it all back down the stairs! I'm better now, I have pretty much left things as is for several years now... but I am looking at making some changes this year! Sorry I didn't mean for this to be so long! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  9. Rhonda, I love the changes! And that mirror? I would have kept it too....it is fabulous! I also love the old books and the wire basket full of shells.....so pretty!

    Lou Cinda

  10. You have done a great job. Having to rearrange makes us feel better and refreshed. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I am smiling as you and I have the same reading preferences. :)

    Lovely look.

  12. I love the barrister's book case! I love all those gorgeous books you have too! You are so darling! I really love knowing you. Anne

  13. What a pretty vignette, I love the chippy mirror and wire basket full of summer reminders!


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