January 23, 2011

A Lovely Beach Surprise!!!


I received a most delightful box in the mail on Saturday.  It was beautiful seashells  from Karen at “The Essential Beachcomber.” 

She had read on one of my seashell project posts that I was running low on shells for projects.  She sent an email saying that she would hook me up!!!  I was totally surprised by her offer and as excited as a little child on Christmas morning when the box arrived!

I couldn’t wait to see what she had sent and I am happy to share that it did not  disappoint!!!


-Seconds before I ripped into the paper


The note told me to breath deeply  as  I opened the package so I could smell the beach…


…and I did- I smelled the beach!



They were still moist and sandy – like I had just picked them up myself!



I couldn’t believe all these little sharks teeth



I think there may be some sharks tooth jewelry in my future!



This is the nicest thing ever!

Thanks, Karen!!!


This is a photo of Tiger Beach posted over at The Essential Beachcomber.

I wonder if some of my shells came from that incredible stretch of shells??

You need to check out her blog – especially some of her videos. 

It’s easy to imagine that you are right there with her.

I am cleaning the shells as we speak – about to get started on a new project!!!     I think it may be a seashell sconce. And,  of course I will want to keep it for myself!



  1. What a wonderful surprise!!!


  2. Karen is a very generous person. And she sent you a great cache of shells!! Lucky you...they are beautiful.

  3. These are gorgeous! What a thoughtful and generous thing to do!

    I know you will create something wonderful...

    Lou Cinda

  4. What a sweet friend! I love the beach and shells! Brings back a memory of when I was a little girl and we would glue the shells on oat meal box's! Guess that was the first of my crafting with treasures!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  5. How lovely and beachy... someone way back sent me the most wonderful beach package and I couldn't find their email, blog or return address - it was awful because they we so very considerate and I couldn't thank them! You have received a special gift from a special person! Lucky you, Jennifer

  6. You have a wonderful friend there! I loved seeing the sand on the shells. It made me feel that summer is slowly on the way!


  7. Wow Rhonda,
    Thank you for the kind words. I love to commit senseless acts of seashells. Most of the shells are from Sanibel & Casey Key (which is close to Venice, FL) The sharks teeth are from Englewood Beach. The glass dish really shows them off.

    Take good care,


  8. PS - the Tulip card is from Artist/Blogger Pam of i Love Shelling. Aren't they great!


  9. What a great surprise! Gorgeous shells. I amazed at that last shot. I want to find a beach with that many washed ashore!

  10. Rhonda, What a wonderful gift! I know you will make something amazing with them. Thats a lot of shark teeth. Remind me to never go swimming where she found these!

  11. Kaybe (aka Karen) is one of the nicest people ever! She has a heart as big as the whole Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum ......especially when it comes to shells. I'm glad I found your blog so I can meet the person Kaybe thinks is so very special to send such a beautifuyl goodie bag to. ;)

  12. Very nice. Who doesn't like a gift in the mail!?
    Mary Ann

  13. Following you now...such a fun blog.
    Mary Ann

  14. Rhoda,

    What a wonderful surprise from a generous friend! Treasure your gifts from the sea.


  15. I was talking to Karen the other day on the phone and she told me she had sent you a box of shells. Honey, she did right by you for sure, those are some mighty fine specimens. She is such a sweet, thoughtful person and I am blessed to have her as one of my closest friends.

    Well, now I'll just have to wait and see what you do with them, I know it will be lovely, you just can't go wrong with seashells.

    Have fun!


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