January 9, 2011

Bracing For The Ice Storm

Here at Blue Creek Home Alabama,  we are prepared for the Winter Weather Event - sand has been strewn on the courtyard, easy prep groceries and bottled water have been purchased, and we have flashlights and candles in every room. The generator is gassed up and ready to swing into action. Thank goodness we have gas logs in the den and a gas stove, so at least one room will remain fairly warm and we can still eat.

Caroline and Maybelle have arrived safely from Auburn as classes for tomorrow have been cancelled. 

As you know,  #1 Auburn is playing #2 Oregon in the BCS Championship tomorrow night in Glendale,  Arizona.  The Viewing Party at the Auburn Arena has been canceled.  Caro and her boyfriend were going to watch the game there and G-Man and Alex were going to join in the festivities that would be taking place in and around Toomers Corner after our victory!! (Hoping I won't have to eat my words tomorrow night!)  But, we assume that is not going to happen either - students may slip and slide there, but driving will most likely be out of the question. 

It is very probable that we will loose power due to frozen trees falling across power lines - no underground power here. At least, we will be able to watch the game tomorrow night thanks to the generator as long as the cable stays on...fingers are crossed tight on that one!

This hasn't happened yet, but the countdown is on!!!



  1. I know this can't be good for the garden - but it's kinda cool to look at. Stay warm!

  2. Stay warm! I hope this nasty storm does not hit you with full force. I'll be watching and praying for ya'll.
    We are so cold down here on the MS Coast with the rain and humidity. Go War eagle, we are all for Auburn to win this game.

  3. Well, I hope that it doesn't get that bad, Rhonda, but it sounds like you are as prepared as anyone can be. Keep warm and toasty and I hope no one has to go out. We are expecting yet more snow on Tuesday and if my office doesn't close, I'll be eating away at another vacation day.

  4. Hi Rhonda, hope y'all stay warm and safe... hopefully it want get as bad as they think! It was snowing and raining here today in Texas! I wish it would have just snowed, with no rain, so it would stick, I think the snow is so beautiful... we don't get a lot of snow here in Texas! Stay warm!!!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  5. Rhonda,
    I'm praying very hard for all of y'all in central and north Alabama that you y'all will have power during game time. My Mary Claire left home early Saturday morning to go back for classes...only for them to be cancelled a few hours after she got there...they have no generator (do have underground power) at her condo...this will be one crying AUBURN MOM if my daughter and all the other students don't get to see this BIG game...I'm so hoping my prayers will be answered on this one. We have a room booked in town and had big plans to leave early AM on Monday...after I finish this I guess I'm going to call the hotel and cancel...I so don't want to:( If you WIN tomorrow...then we will come up and WELCOME the players HOME! I bought lots of TP today and plan on rolling my own trees here at COASTAL CHARM...A LITTLE COASTAL TOOMER'S CORNER!!!! WAR EAGLE FRIEND...it should be one AUSOME game!!!!


  6. We're hunkered down here in Montgomery tonight, hoping the worse won't happen but we're as ready as we'll ever get. What will we do if the power goes out and doesn't come on for the game? We have a friend with a generator just up the street who has invited us to come over if need be (don't know why we don't have a generator, might be a purchase soon) but hopefully it won't come to that.

    Stay safe & warm and WAR "CAM" EAGLE!

  7. We're getting ready for the winter weather event as well! The kids are just waiting for the snow to start & for school to be called off. HA! Happy new year!!!

  8. Hi Rhonda, Stay home bundled up and stay off the icy roads. It sounds like you are prepared. The storm is headed our way also. We just got five inches on snow on Saturday in Virginia and more is on the way..along with some ice. Take care.

  9. Rhonda,
    I left WIsconsin five years ago to get away from that...just cold here...please stay warm, and be safe..
    Thanks for stopping by..glad you like the pillows.

  10. Oh goodness, stay warm and safe!

  11. I bet you are getting the ice today. We lucked out since it didn't come down this far. Stay warm.

  12. We have to drive through Little Rock and Memphis tomorrow! Hope they have the road open by then! As of today several were still closed! This weather is just crazy! The last ice storm we had, we didn't have an electricity for 11 days! :( Stay warm!

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  14. Bonjour Rhonda,
    Stay safe and warm my friend. I'll pray your generator holds up.
    All my best,


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