December 6, 2010

Vintage Christmas Finds & Easy Christmas Project


Make sure to read a quick post script after the main post here about Auburn University. Just my thoughts.

Last week I found some cute vintage Christmas items at an antique store in a neighboring town. 


I found this adorable tiny Santa mug.


Ya’ll know how much I love cherubs and angels.  This one is so cute.

How long has it been since Belk had hand written price tags???


A little flexible doll


Two strands of vintage garland


I love the tiny mercury glass beads


The guy told me he threw in some extra things.

When I got home I had a bag full of loose red and gold mini balls –

So, I decided to do a project.


Using a strong 4 ply thread,  I strung them all together and tied them off.

It would have been a cute wreath, but it wasn’t really big enough.

I ended up using it on this lamp and it looks pretty festive for a free, 15 minute project.


Alex painted this crackled Old World Santa a couple of years ago.

He looks good behind the lamp.


                    image      imageimage

Click the party buttons above to join the fun.




I Believe in The Auburn Tigers

Just in case some of you don’t keep up with college football – yeah right…on Saturday afternoon, our Auburn Tigers won the SEC Championship in Atlanta.  Next stop - Glendale, AZ for the National Championship.  Can I hear a “WAR EAGLE” ???

G-Man graduated from Auburn in 1976,  Alex graduated in 2007, and Caroline is currently a senior!!! I changed out of my red and white when G-Man and I got serious and went to my first Auburn game with him. I have worn the orange and blue colors proudly ever since.

Now, just a quick word about Auburn and the Cam Newton drama that has been all over the media.  I think a lot of people wanted to believe all of it because they didn’t like that we were doing well.  Ignorance and jealously played a huge role in the scandalous things that were being said and written.

Here at Blue Creek Home, we didn’t believe it for a minute.  And last Wednesday, the NCAA agreed with us.

This is the reason that I believed in them through it all.  Our family was eating at a restaurant in Auburn about a year ago.  We were in a booth with a high back, so you couldn’t see your dining neighbor.  I could hear the man sitting directly behind me talking.  I could tell he was talking about God and his beliefs.  I remember vividly how refreshing it was to hear someone talking about his relationship with our Heavenly Father during his lunch hour.  They finished before us, and as they left, I saw that it was Coach Chizik who had been sitting back to back with me and witnessing without knowing anyone else was listening.  I truly believe that our Auburn Tigers’ head coach is a Godly man who would never do anything unethical. 

Thanks for listening, and for a heart warming post from a friend who loves Auburn even more than I do, visit Linda @ Coastal Charm.  She has a beautiful tribute and some personal thoughts on this matter.  We thought it was time to stand up for this team and their leaders.

Rhonda…a very proud Auburn Tiger fan!!!!!



  1. Hi Rhonda...

    Merry Christmas, my friend! found some really great, vintage Christmas treasures! I love the old Santa mug! Ohhh...and the vintage garland is gorgeous as well! Girlfriend, you are sooo creative and talented! I just love how the red and gold ornaments lamp ring turned's sooo pretty! I would have never thought of doing that but it really adds that extra special touch to the beautiful lamp! Love, love, LOVE your Santas...the Santa painting that Alex did is awesome!!! Sooo many Christmas pretties...thank you for sharing them with us today!

    Warmest Christmas wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Oops...just lil' ol' me again! Was going to tell you that I was thinking about you today! Of course I have been busy, busy doing my Christmas decorating...opened one of my boxes to find that darling little snowman that you sent me last year...and I also put out my "JOY" Christmas pillow on the sofa! I'm so happy to be able to use them again this Christmas, Rhonda!!! Thank you!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  3. Great finds, Rhonda! I love what you did with the loose beads ~ how nice of him to throw those in!

  4. Hi Rhonda, wonderful finds, love what you did with the loose mini balls, it looks great!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  5. Hi Rhonda,
    Love your pretty vintage finds. That's really something finding a handwritten tag from Belks!


  6. Rhonda, All of your vintage finds are wonderful and the Santa painting is beautiful. All of our family and friends were glued to the game on TV. My hubby graduated from Auburn in 1973 and two of our children were also graduates there.

  7. I love that vintage garland from Japan. Amazing colors!

  8. Rhonda,
    You sure did find some really neat vintage Christmas how you used those beads...that little wreath is so pretty. Alex's painting is very have talented young lady there:) I'm so happy that you are with me on how we feel about our Auburn family...I sure hope it helps to make more people aware of what our family is really all about...your thoughts were great and WAR EAGLE!!!!


  9. I am another proud member of the AUburn roots go way back. (although my hubby still wears the crimson and white) I am loving the vindicaiton that AUburn has had this year.
    War Eagle~~~

  10. I love the mini-wreath...and that painting by Alex is very nice! Hugs-Diana

  11. That mini ornament wreath looks very classy! Love it.

    Cheryl (via Centsational Girl's linky party)

  12. What great finds! That Santa mug is fabulous!


  13. You are a fan and you should stand up proud. They are kicking butt this year. I am an Alabama fan but Auburn will get that Championship this year. Two champion teams in the state. That is super. Cam deserves the trophy. He is awesome. This is all coming from and alabama fan who loves them all.

    Love all the vintage items. So fun - you never know what you'll find in an antique store.

  14. This is so very cute. I am always looking out for vintage christmas things at thrifty shops.

  15. Great finds at the antique store. Love the little wreath that you made with those little balls. Very cute. Congrats on your team getting in the National Championship game!

  16. Hi Rhonda, I'm so glad you joined in for the party, I love all the little Christmas "goodies" and you put together the small ornies in such a cute and festive way!
    Loved the part about the coach sitting behind you in the restaurant, really cool!

  17. Love the freebie decor, a great sparkle to add to your candle. Fun finds, thank you for sharing and have a Merry Christmas!

  18. Love the candle wreath your created! Alex is so talented! Love the Santa she painted!

    Everything is just beautiful Rhonda!

    Lou Cinda


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