November 12, 2010

Late To The Christmas Mantel Party!

I happened to see Kim’s 2009 mantel post @ Savvy Southern Style and decided to join the fun at Stories from A to Z

Better late than never they say.  But I hate being late.


The mantel will change for 2010 – the biggest and most exciting one:

A baby stocking that says “Mason”. 





  1. Hi Rhonda, your mantel is so beautiful, how exciting to get to add that extra stocking this year. I think both of our grandbabies were born around the same time. It's going to be an extra special Christmas with the new additions!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  2. Speaking of stocking!! We need to get busy on that. I really, really, really want a handmade one from Muddy for my baby :o) Weekend project?? huh, huh, huh??!

  3. Oh, sweet baby Mason. You are going to have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  4. Rhonda,

    I sent you email. Please check and get back to me.

    Last year's mantle was so elegant but this years will be so much better with baby Mason's little stocking hanging up there!

    Your Friend,

  5. Oh-I can't wait to see it with the new stocking up there-I have to get one up for BabyE this year too! The kids are what makes Christmas so special for me! Hugs- Diana

  6. Rhonda, that is very pretty. I see you used magnolia leaves. That is what I want to do this year. I know you are excited to add a stocking for Mason.

  7. lovely mantel.. fantastic stockings..


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