October 17, 2010

My Booth at Old Banks Antiques

Who knew it would take me so long to get a 8’ x 9’ booth ready????   I had no idea that I would stress out so much about the set up. 

I got the most incredible display piece from another antique store who still had it from a vendor who was no longer there.  The owner of the business first told me it wasn’t for sale, but his wife came in and offered to call the owner.  Low and behold, she wanted to sell it and I wanted to buy it!

So,  I had my big Wow piece for the booth.  But, since it’s wasn’t for sale,  I lost a lot of precious floor and wall space that should have been prime booth space.   I decided not to fret and just carry on.

Eventually,  I decided to put a price on the display piece. Of course it’s totally overpriced right now, but I want to keep it for a while.  When and if I decide that I need that space, I will lower the price and really try to move it.  But, for now I really love how it looks plus it holds a lot of stuff.


The legs are two old window frames sans the glass

There are two wooden shelves attached to the bottom panes

An old panel door serves as the table top

The top piece has more shelving running between smaller windows and a decorative arch

White iron corbels and wooden cut outs hold it together while adding nice embellishment


Candylights add soft lighting to this area


The door display was my project for the Gorilla Glue Party Event @ DIY Club Inc.

I didn’t win, but I got a great jewelry display unit !

I would love to hang a few vintage hats on the lower part of the door.


Better views of the jewelry display area

I need to get busy making more jewelry.


This piece is opposite the jewelry display doors at the opening of the booth

Together,  they create a smaller opening into the booth


I also need to get busy making more pillows for the booth and Etsy.
(If you see a pillow you like,  I would be glad to post it on Etsy for you)

I attached an old piece of tin to the back of the bamboo shelf

to keep the pillows from falling out


I used the top of this wonderful headboard here last Christmas!

I stripped the old finish and used a satin varnish to bring it back

to its original beauty before putting it in the booth


The back of the tin has a shabby, old paint finish

It serves as more hanging space


Left side view of the booth


My sister found these wonderful Queen Anne chairs

They are still wearing touches of old green paint from an earlier time

I recovered the seats with old burlap bag fabric

Look how gorgeous the wood is on the back


Great space below the display unit


Shabby white fern stand and vintage brass plate racks


Vintage books and crocheted doilies


This was a great spot to rest when I was setting things up!


Pinks and whites

Shabby vintage art


Cloches, lavender buds, and bottles

What could be more romantic than cherubs, silver hearts, 

vintage baskets, Candylights,  and lavender buds?


I adore this sweet little mirror



      Thanks for taking the tour and if anything ever brings you to

                  Central Alabama, stop and play for a while.



I am joining the fun at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday.



  1. Your booth looks lovely -shoppers will appreciate all the time and love you put into your displays.

  2. How perfectly beautiful!!
    Love that headboard : )
    Don't miss my giveaway : )

  3. Holy Cow- You have a lot of stuff in that space. I love that table display piece you found. It is perfect for your booth. I can only imagine the fun you are going to have keeping it stocked and furnished. Good luck to you and I hope you can sell lots of stuff! Hugs- Diana

  4. Rhonda,
    It looks outstanding...I hope I get to stop by one day and do some shopping! You have some great inventory and I'm sure you will sell a lot.


  5. It looks nice! I've never had a booth, but shop our local stores ALL the time. We also lease 15K sf to an antique store. Can you imagine filling that space!? ;) Good luck in your new venture.


  6. Rhonda,

    It looks amazing! I wish I were closer and could stop by, so many things already caught my eye. I wish you much success on this venture. Enjoy the journey!

    Your Friend,

  7. Rhonda, this looks great. Best of luck for much success. Have fun with you new venture. ~ sarah

  8. You did a wonderful job! I know I want to shop there!! I hope you have lots of fun with your booth!

  9. It's beautiful, Rhonda! I absolutely love your WOW piece. Well done!

  10. Hi Rhonda, you booth looks fabulous... I could do some serious shopping in there!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

  11. WOW, I see a hundred things I love. It IS hard work isn't it? but so much fun!!

  12. What a wonderful booth Rhonda! You did a lovely job pulling it all together but like there any doubts in your readers minds!;) Wish you were near by and I would shop!:) I may have to find some of those candy lights for my sewing/craft room!

  13. Rhonda, it looks beautiful!! This is a booth that I would go STRAIGHT to!! It looks so good! How close to Auburn is this place?

    Lou Cinda :)

  14. Great booth, and I love your displays! Cathy aka GGJ

  15. Rhonda, great job your booth looks wonderful!! it is a lot of work isn't it!?

    Be sure to come and enter my fabulous Giveaway from Metis Linens!

    Art by Karena

  16. Fun, fun, fun! Your booth looks great! Mom and I have always talked about doing this together. I hope you continue to share pictures with us.


  17. What a lot of work...but it looks like a lot of fun too! It looks great. Best of luck to your new business!

  18. How fun to have your own booth!!!!! Looks fabulous!

  19. Hi Rhonda -
    Your booth looks amazing - I sure could use those bare Lamp Shades, we've been making Chandeliers out of those lately.

    Every time I see a booth like yours I want one too - you make it so inspiring Thank You!

    Good Luck

  20. Your booth is chock full on wonderfulness! there were a few items that caught the eye!

    Please come visit:

    I have a surprise for you :)


  21. This may sounds funny, but I really am a huge fan on antique iron corbels. Do you guys have any of those by chance? That would be awesome.


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