October 23, 2010

LS Who???

I let Alex have my ticket to the game today.  She and G-Man always enjoy the games together so much.  Mason and I will watch it on tv pulling for the tigers!!!

Me…nervous????    Naw!!!   well, maybe a tiny bit!!!!



  1. WAR EAGLE back at ya! The Honey has the game on as I type this--1st quarter. We lived at The Village at the Lakeside while he attended college there. It was interesting to hear "TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!!" echo through the apartment complex during the games. Nothing like living in a SEC college town :)

  2. Oh Em Gee!!! WAR EAGLE BABY!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! I REALLY DISLIKE LSU and Les Miles!!! And we BEAT THEM!!!!!!!!

    I was a maniac during the game!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. I hope your team wins! :-)


  4. LSU fans smell like corn dogs!!

  5. Rhonda,
    I'm soooo excited about our team being #1 and I know you are too!!! That game was soooo awesome...I had a great time screaming my lungs out...yes...I'm a loud fan, but in a nice way!!! If the team can keep this up...WOW...what an AWESOME season this will be! WAR CAM EAGLE!!!!


  6. Hi Rhonda, I wanted to thank you for stopping by today and for your sweet comments I really enjoy reading them... hugs~~~ Daphne


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