September 24, 2010

Finally Fall

I did not think fall would ever come to Blue Creek Home.  The temperature this week was mid to high 90’s across the board.  I am sooo over it!  So, when I found out that this coming week would be in the low 80’s,  I started celebrating fall!

Forgive me for using last years photographs but I still haven’t retrieved my camera that has been locked in that old dark antique store for 6 days!  And honestly, the fall things are still tucked away  in the basement! 


I hope I can find those wonderful grayish white pumpkins again this year


The little blue wheel barrow is one of my favorite things!

I will be putting up fall decorations early next week when I can feel fall in the air!

Sister #4 is coming this afternoon to spend a couple of days with us!!!  We have so much fun when she is here.  I have some junkin’ plans in the works!!!

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  1. I do enjoy fall, the crispness, apple picking, cold cider.... winter no no no. Summer is my fav. I love this photo and I really like white pumkins too, especally the little ones. Jennifer

  2. Looking forward to the 80's next week...these 90's have gotta go!!! Love that cute adds lots of POP!!! Have FUN with your sis and WAR EAGLE!!!


  3. We said goodbye to the 90's yesterday and today it is 63. Go figure. But I'm happy and I hope to get my fall things out soon! Love your cute decorations and yes, the blue wagon is darling!!

    Have a ball with your sis!


  4. I love that wheel barrow. Soo cute.

  5. Love that wheelbarrow and it is decorated so beautifully. Love it. So glad it is finally cooling off. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love your blue wheelbarrow! I managed to get the fall decorations out of the attic but have not done anything with them yet. Maybe this weekend…

    Have a fabulous weekend with your sister!

    ~ Tracy

  7. Rhonda- what a wonderful display. I am on the look out for the ghost pumpkins too-they are very hard to find here. Lovely post, as always- Hugs- Diana

  8. Rhonda your decorations for fall look darling I love your blue cart. I have not decorated the front of my house for fall but I did the inside. I see we have a love of Chihuahua's in common that must be why I bookmarked your site! Harley and Bella are adorable! Hugs

  9. I know what you's still been in the 90s here too!! But the forecast is showing that the lows will be in the 60s this coming week...Hope it holds true, 'cause I'm ready for drier, cooler air!!!

    Love your Fall decor. I put some out this past week also and will be posting photos of it all this coming week on my blog.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Rhonda, I love your Fall pictures, and that sweet little wheel barrow is so cute!!! It's suppose to get in the 80's here too, and I can't wait. I'm so ready for some cooler weather! Hope you and your sister have a wonderful time and find some great treasures!! I'm trying to decide if I'm going to stay at home and work around the house (it sure needs it) or go do a little treasure hunting myself! hugs~~~ Daphne

  11. Love your fall pictures. It is still warm in Provence

  12. Hi Rhonda, I hope you are having a great weekend! We went to a Fall festival today and it was 98 degrees! Your little blue wheel barrow is adorable and I love the decorations from last year.
    Hugs, Sherry


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