September 26, 2010

Alex’s Bedroom/ Mason’s Nursery

Alex has finally gotten her bedroom finished.  She had to be creative to come up with ideas since it also serves as Mason’s nursery.  I think she did an incredible job of creating a soft and restful place for them.

I wish we had taken ‘before’ photographs!!!  But, just imagine bright sunshine yellow walls and lots of Bohemian style flavor.  This is the way Caroline had the room before she left for college three years ago.  It was sad to see it go, but the walk out basement allows Alex and Mason to have complete privacy if they want it.

Alex has worked so hard on it.  She took her time deciding on the color scheme and furniture choices and placement.  It certainly paid off.  The room is delightful!


The walls are painted Behr’s  Vintage Linen - a very soft gray


Papa G-Man picked out the crib before we got home with Mason.


Alex covered the wooden letters with moss and glued organza ribbon to the backs.


The vintage coat rack with those wonderful iron hangers was purchased at Angel’s Antiques.

It was green with roses painted on it, but it ended up white and distressed. I love it!


Aunt Janna (sister # 4) bought this gown for Mason to wear home from the hospital.


Hanging on the other end is the coordinating romper that I found for him a little later.

Of course,  he has long outgrown them!


And, here is the sweet boy who sleeps in this pretty room with his mommy.



Moving around the room to the right is the little round bedside table.

It is a vintage piece that I have had a long time.

The vintage bucket,  recently found at a junk store,  is a new addition to the room.


This is the Peter Rabbit oil painting that Alex just finished.  Yes, she is very good!!!

I got the barn wood frame at Hobby Lobby when they were half price.


This is the bed that Caroline picked out when we moved into the house.

She got another one for her college apartment so this one stayed in the room.

Luckily,  Alex loves it too.


I love the mix of blue and beige bedding. 

Alex loves Winnie the Pooh,  but she prefers the old one with the longer nose.

I found one at Tuesday Morning for their room.


Isn’t it pretty when the bedding is layered?


The panels that she used for the windows were some I purchased when we moved in.



Here Alex is enjoying the fruits of her labor!


Alex moved an antique bookcase in from the downstairs den.

It worked beautifully between the windows.

The photo of Mason was taken in the hospital on the morning that he came home.

He was wearing his sweet Aunt Janna’s gown.


A vintage planter looks adorable on top of vintage Children’s encyclopedias.


Mason already has a wonderful start on his book collection!!


Alex found this cute rabbit in Florida.

He found the perfect place to hang his swing in this vintage birdcage stand!


This bookcase has been with us for a long time.

It is one of my favorite pieces ever!!!


It is filled with all sorts of goodies.

I love the photo of Alex and Caroline when they were young.

Paddington Bear belonged to Alex as a baby.


Love this birdcage too.  The glazed earthenware pitcher was an old piece that I remember when I was growing up…a very loooooong time ago!


The  area is Mason’s changing table.

The chest is Caroline’s too, but she didn’t have room for it in her apartment.

It was the perfect height for the changing table.



Alex keeps diapering supplies handy on this pretty iron stand.


Alex found this sign at Old Time Pottery.

I framed photocopies of Peter and Benjamin Bunny!


Here we have come full circle - back to Mason’s side of the room!


The rocking chair was purchased last weekend at an auction for a measly $23.00!!!

It is old, but in great shape and it was already painted glossy white.


A dachshund pillow and story book are ready for a night time story.


Alex found this chippy blue shelf on sale for $12.00 at Angel’s Antiques – another incredible find at a bargain price!

“Baa-Baa Blue Sheep”, is holding the guitar that “Uncle Pebo” (brother # 1 and only!!!)carved and decorated for Mason.  He is a gifted carpenter… singer…and picker of all stringed instruments.


The painted angel adds the perfect touch to this wall.


Thank you for going on the tour of Alex and Mason’s newly decorated bedroom.

I hope  they are both comfortable and happy in their “Blue Creek Basement”. 

We love having them here with us.


This week I am joining  Susan,  Rhoda, and Linda at these parties:

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  1. Rhonda - What a perfect place for Mama & Baby Boy! I love Peter Rabbit..he has always been my favorite. I have all of the old books from when my kids were little and now read them to my grandkids.

    She did a great job pulling everything together. It is sweet, tranquil and still boyish. She did a wonderful rendition of Peter Rabbit in her painting. And that Baby??? He is getting so big, isn't he? What a little doll. I know that your heart is wrapped tight around his little finger!

    My youngest son loved Paddington Bear. I bought all of his clothes at Sears when he was a baby and that was their signature bear.

    Such a fun post and I am happy to see the room all put together. Do ya miss the yellow?!? Hugs- Diana

  2. Hi Rhonda, Alex did a wonderful job decorating their room, and on the painting, she's very talented!!! Loved all the pictures, thanks for sharing. hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. Alex did a great job here, Rhonda! I love it! Mason is getting so big; he's adorable! I also like the older Winnie the Pooh and I love Alex's Peter Rabbit painting. She is definitely very talented! Love the little books. I have started a little collection that I keep in a basket in my bookcase for my little granddaughter. Of course, she's only 2 months now so I think they will be sitting there for awhile!

  4. Rhonda, Alex's bedroom is totally charming. She is very talented. It all looks wonderful together. She as great style! ~ Sarah

  5. What an adorable and cozy room for both of them. Love all the special touches throughout. Love the Peter Rabbit painted Alex did. She is very good. I love the vintage touches to the room. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. What a great space for the two of them. The bed is just beautiful. Love all the little touches Alex did for Mason. He is a cutie patootie!

  7. Hi Rhonda. Ya'll did a wonderful job on the room. I would love it in in there. It looks so warm, homey and cozy. Sweet Mason is a doll. You must be so happy to have them there. Thanks for letting us have a peek. It sounds like the whole family had input into that room. And Alex must take after you. It's so pretty.

    Have a wonderful week. Hugs...Tracy :)

  8. She did such a fabulous job with this room!
    I love every detail, and her painting is soooo good!
    I love the colors, the whimsy, the bedding, the baby's section, it's all wonderful!
    Great Job!!

  9. This is such a sweet room for both of them. I can tell that Alex took great care with each item and its placement. The wall color is so peaceful and soft.

  10. Mason is as cute as can be!! Alex has done a wonderful job on their space. My favorite piece is Alex's Peter Rabbit Painting! Awesome.

  11. So cute. I love ALL of it. It's so charming and quaint. Lovely.

  12. This is one of the cutest bedrooms I've seen -- I'm amazed at how perfect it is for mom and baby, with looking too baby or too adult. Kudos!

  13. Oh it is just perfect! Beautiful!! Alex did such a great job! LOVE her bedding! She is truly a talented chip off the ole' block!

    And Mason! WHAT a doll! He is growing so fast!

    Lou Cinda :)

  14. mason is very luck. this decorating is amazing. I am, sarah, fan of all good decorating ideas :) thanks

  15. Very sweet, she did an excellent job of creating a space that is charming for both baby and mama. The baby is adorable too!

  16. Rhonda,
    Alex did a wonderful job on the that old coat rack and her painting is so pretty!


  17. Hello Rhonda,

    I love Alex and Mason’s newly decorated bedroom! It looks fabulous! So many wonderful touches have been added. I do agree layered bed linens look pretty. I love the swinging rabbit. When I saw the Peter Rabbit oil painting I made a mental note to ask you about it but then as I kept reading I found out Alex painted it. She really did a fabulous job! Lots of artistic genes in your family!

    Thank you for the wonderful tour of Mason's nursery and Alex's room! It is a perfect balance!

    ~ Tracy

  18. Beautiful decorations you have done there. Great to see that you have "The Hungry Caterpillar" book in his collection already!

  19. She did a wonderful job! It all looks soo nice and comfy for them both. I love the bookcase and the swinging rabbit and the oil painting she did! She is very talented!

  20. So well decorated!

  21. Rhonda,

    First of all, I can't believe how big Mason got already! They grow so fast, cherish every moment. Alex did a splendid job with the room. It's not easy combining a nursery with a bedroom and she pulled it off beautifully. I especially like the old coat rack above the crib and the painting Alex did. She is very talented. Seems the apple didn't fall far from the tree!

    Your Friend,

  22. What a wonderful room! I absolutely love the bookcase and those gorgeous curves!

  23. Hi Rhonda! Stopped by for a visit and to thank you for signing up to follow my blog. This is truly a lovely room. Love the combination of nursery & bedroom decor!

  24. Great job combining mom and baby's space, it's warm and cozy.

    Our daughter sent us a picture of Lilly our 8 month old grand daughter with a cell phone to her ear. It's amazing, they are so tiny, but so smart.


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