August 6, 2010

A Pink Mall Saturday


Alex, Caroline, and I took Mason to Birmingham on Thursday to meet up with three of my sisters (# 1, #3, and #4).  We were also celebrating Alex’s August 8th birthday a few days early.

We all met and had a deli lunch and then caravanned to Cheesecake Factory for desert.  I always order red velvet,  Caro gets raspberry white chocolate, and Alex gets caramel macadamia nut.  We had five huge pieces of cheesecake on the table.  We all exchanged bites and sat and talked for almost two hours before the sisters had to get back home.

I hope those girls know how very much we love and respect them.  That goes for my only brother and my sister #2 who lives in Texas.  She would have been there if she could have! My family has always been such an inspiration to me…I thank God for them every day.

All of these pink photographs were taken at the Galleria in Birmingham, where I thought I was going to have to rent a Hover Round to keep up with the girls!  Whew!!!











Don’t forget to visit Beverly @ “How Sweet The Sound” for more pink!!!   



Happy Pink Saturday to all and I hope you have a safe and blessed week end!



  1. Hi Rhonda! Just found you somehow (don't ask cuz I don't know). Love your "pink" blog and then I scrolled down and really love the little table you made over. I even liked it blue-but find the creamy makeover much more interesting. Glad I found you-I'm signing up as a follower and I'll be back! Diana

  2. Looks like somebody went to Sephora! Fun :D I love the Buxom lip glosses by Bare Escentuals in one of your pictures there. Happy Pink!

  3. Oh you are so blessed with a terrific family! I am 120 miles from my only living sister and I miss her so much! I will see her next weekend. We go thrifting together. She is such a blast! Happy Birthday to Alex. My oldest son J is 25 on the 9th and our baby the runner 17 on the 20th of August. Our big girl will be married 10 years on the 27th. We are so proud of her.
    Your pinks are perfect today! Happy weekend too. Ane

  4. I love pink!!! I love makeup!! I love the Galleria!! I love my Mason, Mommy, Tia Carolina, and all my Aunts!!

  5. Hi Rhonda I just love all your pinks, I especially love the big pink sign!!! Happy pink Saturday! I quess I better get started on my pink post! hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. Love all the pinks you shared, Rhonda! I love makeup and always have and I'm telling you your pics just drew me in! I'm sooo going shopping!

    Happy Pink Saturday to you~


  7. Hi Rhonda,
    I am just loving all this pink madness! Those chairs with the pink tulle are divine!!
    Isn't it amazing the pink we can find when we are looking for it!


  8. Happy Pink Saturday! What great pictures! I think most people don't realize how much PINK shows up in everyday life. Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

  9. Happy Pink Saturday, great pink pic's you have there!

  10. Thanks for taking us shopping with you-it was fun!!!! Wishing you a happy PS on my firt PS!


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