July 2, 2010

God Bless America


If you visit me often, you know that I say “God is good” a lot.  I say it because it’s true.  I try to say it even more when things are not going well.  We will all experience sickness and heartbreak right along with health and joy.  The important thing to always remember is that God is truly good through it all.  He will never turn his back on us.  If He seems to be distant, it is because we stepped away from Him. 


So, let us all be thankful on this holiday weekend.  We have freedom…God is good…God bless America…my Blue Creek Home!


We are blessed with good neighbors.  ‘Trapper’ Bob is as good a man as they come.

I made this pillow for his birthday/Fourth of July gift.


He is one of the reasons we continue to enjoy our freedom.


A marine through and through.


I took all of these photographs in the bedroom on the third floor. 

The twin beds are wearing  their summer quilts.


My sweet mother made this beautiful pillow.

I must get my love of pillows from her.


This blue velvet pillow needed a boost so I made a patriotic flower.


The  ticking and the lace are vintage pieces.

The little center is a thin strip from Bob’s pillow.


We have the best view of the lake from up there.

From the rear,  our house has three stories.

This is looking out to the left.


Looking at the roofline on the left,  you can see how high up we are!


I zoomed in when I saw this boat and skier coming. 


This is looking straight ahead.  The house below us is gorgeous.


I was thrilled when I saw this sailboat!!

On windy days there can be a dozen sailboats on the water. 

They are so beautiful to watch.


I love the blue and white sail.


The foyer got in on the patriotic wear.


I just got these vintage Avon cologne bottles.


Capitol building - Betsy Ross - Uncle Sam Pipe

I love this old blue light bulb.


Close up of the capitol.


I made some mini pillows to pile in this vintage planter.

Check out those feet!


Sister #4 gave me two of these hearts.   They are hand made from brown paper bags!

This one is hanging on my favorite lamp.


G-Man LOVES history!

This is his print of George Washington. 

It has some damage at the bottom, but hey…it’s old!


I took it down so you could see the back of the frame.
It was hanging in an old school house.
We walked away from it the first time  we saw it.
Fortunately, it was still there when we went back for it.

George Washington  (1732-1799) was a founding father and the lead general in the
American Revolution. He is credited with establishing the understanding that the ultimate
authority of the military should rest in the hands of a democratically elected government and not a handful of army officers. On 23rd December, 1783, he resigned from his post
of commander-in-chief and declared his intent to retire from public life. However, that
was not to be, as he was elected as the first president of the United States of America in 1789.

(the reflection on the glass is a bit eerie!)

Pink Saturday is going to be fun since Beverly said we could use red, white, and blue this week!!!

Go check it out at “How Sweet The Sound”.!!


Please have a safe Fourth of July!!!!!



  1. Bob's pillow was so pretty! I love the bedroom upstairs. It is like an escape. I was talking to Dad today about how I want to put a table up there to craft at - what do ya think?? Project?!

  2. Rhonda, What a great pillow you made for Bob. I love all your pillows and especially the mini ones piled in the planter. Great holiday decorations and what a beautiful view you have.
    Happy 4TH!

  3. Rhonda,

    You are so creative! All of the pillows are beautiful. I'm sure your neighbor will appreciate his. I must remember to send you those monogrammed pieces I found. The third floor view of the lake is breathtaking. It must be a sight when the lake is covered in sail boats. We also have a third floor. The view is what sold me on the house. Your patriotic decor looks great. I especially like the mini flag pillows. George Washington was a great man. After winning the Revolutionary War, Americans wanted to name him King and he refused.
    Have a wonderful holiday!
    Your Friend,

  4. Rhonda, I loved reading your post... and what a special pillow you made for Bob! You are so creative!!! Happy 4th of July... Blessings~~~Daphne

  5. oh Rhonda i really love your vintage planter and the avon bottle just lovely! happy 4th & Happy PS!

  6. I love your patriotic pillows and collections! The Washington picture is fabulous. Many years ago every school had a picture of George Washington near the front doors and nearby, a picture of the flag raising on Iwo Jima. Long time ago.

  7. Wow gorgeous post Rhonda.
    Such beautiful scenes and patriotic accents.

    Happy Pink Saturday and a blessed 4th of July.


  8. I really enjoyed my visit today. What views you have, and your pillows are so fabulous. Thank you for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Love all of your patriotic decor!

    Happy PS,

  10. I love all your red, white and blue! I had to laugh when I saw George! The Boy has always loved George. He could recognize him when he was just learning to talk. His room is still decorated in GW! He has the vintage Avon George bottle! When he was about 5 we asked him why he liked him so much and he told us, " He was my favorite president and I still miss him!"

  11. So glad I found your blog! It's beautiful!
    Love the pillow! Inspirational!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Flora Doora

  12. you are truly blessed, you have an amazing view. hope you have a wonderful July 4th

  13. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July!!
    xoxo Lisa

  14. Girl, your pillows are just gorgeous! Love Bob's pillow best! :-)

    Have a very safe and Happy Fourth of July!

  15. Your pillows are incredibly beautiful! I wish I had your talent. I buy store bought pillows occasionally and I think sometime I should try my hand at being more creative with them. But your patriotic Bob pillow is gorgeous. What a sweet tribute. Your view from your home is magnificent. I am so glad I know you. Hope the family is all well. You write a beautiful tribute regarding your faith as well as your country. Hugs Anne

  16. Hi Rhonda,

    I just love your decor! So very patriotic. Stopping by to wish you a belated happy Pink Saturday and hope you had a wonderful 4th ;0)


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