June 28, 2010

I Am Muddy


Alex started calling me Muddia (pronounced Mudi–ya) when she was in middle school.  She doesn’t remember why she did, but it stuck.  Caroline will call me Muddia occasionally, too.

Before baby Mason was born,  Alex had a crazy dream that the baby couldn’t pronounce Muddia – he would say Muddy.  When she shared the dream with me the next morning I got a good laugh and then forgot about it. 

Mason is ten weeks old today and we need my grandmother name.  G-Man is definitely Papa (pronounced pop-a).  I have tried on every name in the book and we all come back to the dream.  It looks like little Mason will be calling me Muddia if he can say it, but Muddy will be fine.  In fact, it has grown on me.   I like Muddy.  I am beginning to feel like Muddy!!! 

Here are some new photographs of our sweet boy.


Papa has already gotten this little guy hooked on Buzz Lightyear!

“To Infinity And Beyond!!!”


Just hangin’ with his Papa!


Getting a lift from Papa


I love, love, love his little fat rolls!!!


Mason and his Muddy

I love this little boy so much.



  1. Such a little sweetie baby!!!! You're are a wonderful Muddy!
    (My boys love Buzz too.)

  2. Hi Rhonda, Aren't grandchildren the best? I have five, but they are not babies anymore. The youngest just turned four. Mason is absolutely adorable and I know Muddy and Papa are thrilled.
    xo, Sherry

  3. Rhonda, Mason is just absolutely adorable, I'm getting to keep my little granddaughter 2 mornings a week while her mother is at work and I just love it!!! It gives me time to spoil her...Blessings~~~Daphne

  4. Cute name Rhonda! He is getting so big sooooo fast! Don't forget to enter my COASTAL GIVEAWAY:)


  5. Oh my gosh- isn't he just turning into a BABY! Love the chubbiness too. All my babies were little chunkers. He's just beautiful
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Oh, Muddia (Muddy), I know just how you feel!! They make your heart grow bigger than you ever imagined it could... I know I thought, with my children, my heart just couldn't possibly hold any more love it was so full, so sweet... then there was my Little Man! =) Enjoy your little Mason... I know you will. Love those little fat rolls!!

  7. Oh my goodness, I can't take it!!! I need to come over and pinch those precious baby thighs!!! He is just gorgeous, you must be so proud:)

  8. Oh my Rhonda! He is a living doll! I WANT ONE! I miss the baby days sooooo much...as you know! I may just have to come get yours;)!

    He is precious...give him a squeeze from me!


  9. I don't know if I can wait until November to see him. I'll have to get up there sooner somehow. Lovin' "Muddy"!

  10. He is so cute, Rhonda! I'm still trying to figure out my Grandma name. I've been thinking about Mimi, Gammi, Gigi, but I think it's all going to come down to what the kid can pronounce!

  11. Awhhhh, what an absolute cutie! Suzie xx

  12. How adorable is this little grandson of yours. I know just how you are feeling. I have three grandsons, twin boys who are three and a one year old and I tell you I get goose bumps just talking or thinking about them.....I love them so much!

    Have a wonderful day

  13. Hello Rhonda!

    What a cute name for a grandmother! Mason is a doll baby! My little darling is now five weeks old and I am loving every minute of being his Nonna! The other options were (and may still be) MiMi or GiGi.

    ~ Tracy

  14. Rhonda,

    Oh Mud-dah ... Mud-dia.. Perhaps that's how it came about. I used to play with that word when I was younger with my own mother.
    Mason is a Sweetie-Pie and I know he loves his Papa and his Muddy-Pie!

    Your Friend,

  15. That is SO CUTE!!! My hubby is Papa too and grandbaby Addy is a Pap's girl, but she does make sure to let people know who I am whenever anyone's around. I'm Aboo.I was trying to get her to say Oma, it's grandma in German and it came out Aboo and has stuck. I like it much better, but people have no idea what she means when she points at me and says Aboo. That's ok tho. We sure have a blast with her too. Enjoy your baby chubby's. Kelli

  16. He is just the cutest darn thing eva! My kids call my husbands mom Nana which at first I was not hip to cause that is what I called my grandmother who passed away but now she is certainly a Nana. We have a Papa on that side. My mom is sometimes called Grandma but most of the time she is just shortened to Ma and my step dad is Grandpa.

  17. He is so adorable and he is growing so fast!! Muddy works for me! Perfect!

    Such a doll baby! My mom was Mimi and my dad was Pa...miss them everyday...

    Have a great 4th!

    Lou Cinda :)


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