March 23, 2010

Master Bedroom... Art On The Cheap!




I have never had the dresser top in our master bedroom decorated to my liking.

I started messing around this morning and one thing led to another.  Little did I know that it would lead to a whole day of crafting and tweaking!

I wanted to use photographs of our moms and some of our antique leather bound books.   I also wanted to use a lamp that I bought when an antique mall went out of business about a year ago.  (I always stopped to look at it, but I felt it was overpriced.  When I heard they were going out of business, I couldn’t get there fast enough.  The lamp was still there and I got it for 1/2 price!!)

I love the look of art hanging behind a lamp.  I guess you all know by now, that I am no minimalist!!  I go for that layered look!!!

As soon as I put the lamp on the dresser,  I knew that I needed something to hang behind it.  I went to my usual,  in-house shopping spots… the basement and a couple of closets, but turned up empty handed.  So, I had to get into the box full of  frames, prints, etc. that needed some love.  And, so it began!


These stamp prints are mounted on wood. I paid $2.00 each.


I found these two gorgeous prints from The Graphics Fairy.

You gotta love her!


I taped off the gold border and sprayed the tops with a fresh coat of black.

I didn’t photograph from here on, but here is what I did:

1. mod podge to glue down the print and also put a layer on the top

2.  one step crackle finish to a few areas

3.  brown acrylic paint to age it

4.  flicked some watered down black paint on it

5.  flipped the hardware on the back of one since I glued the print on upside down!


I love how the finish on the lamp brings out the original gold border of the prints – even though you can’t tell here.


I adore the French style furniture behind the French lamp.


I adore crackle finishes!


This is my mom on the left.

G-Man’s mom is on the right.

They have both gone to be with our Lord.


Mom was so pretty in this photograph -  she must have been going somewhere swanky!


I had to add a little Easter basket. 

It’s a vintage basket that has the best ever paint finish – such a pretty shade of green.

I added lots of handmade fabric flowers and silk petals to personalize it.



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  1. Oh so pretty - you are so very talented! I love the layered look and the photo/frames are perfect with your beloved lamp! Both of your Mothers photos are beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. What a beautiful job! Your pics look great by that fabby lamp...great find. Mom's pics are priceless!!! Love your new look.

  3. This turned out the lamp you got for 1/2 price. Don't you just love Graphic Fairy? She has the most wonderful graphics.

  4. Very pretty! I too love the layering of the french furniture prints peaking out from behind the gorgeous lamp!

  5. No minimalism in this house either! And I love the use of old family photos- Lovely!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Rhonda, I LOVE that lamp! Great stalking! LOL! Your print project was just the right ingredient; it all came together perfectly. Your mom is so beautiful in that photo!

  7. Just gorgeous Rhonda! I love the pics of the Mom's, the lamp and the Easter Basket, so pretty!

  8. Great idea for art work, Rhonda! I use Karen's images all the time too and have a post coming up on a couple of them myself. Love your Easter basket with your fabric flowers ~ it looks so pretty and soft.

  9. I love what you did.. Thats just what I want my bedside table to look like. Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration..

  10. It looks fabulous, thanks for sharing.

  11. Well look at YOU! That was one of the better tutorials I've seen and you were so specific! Thank you! Btw, I'm a follower of the Graphics Fairy, but I don't understand how it works......cue the dumb you just order something from her and then she sends it to you? Is it something you download? Told you it was dumb.

  12. Bonjour Rhonda,
    You have created a perfect tabletop vignette. The framed French furniture is fabulous. The best touch of all are the two dear mothers!

  13. Rhonda -

    The tabletop is beautiful. I love the vintage photographs of your mother and mother-in-law. Both were very attractive women. I am sorry they are not with you to welcome the little man.

    - Deborah

  14. beautiful arrangement! I love those prints. Graphic Fairy-- More like saint! I love her too!
    Both of your moms are so pretty- I bet it's really nice to have a little spot to perch their pictures on.

  15. Love what you did here...I am also a big fan of layering. Your furniture catalog art is wonderful. ~jermaine~

  16. Gorgeous! I just love what you did with those prints. They're amazing, and that lamp is to die for! ♥ Fabulous job..

  17. I love how you put those together. Such creative thinking. I just keep getting inspired by all these blogs. Love the vignette you created with the older photos.

  18. Bee_you-Tee-Full! What a wohderfull job you did! You're right anout the Graphics Fairy... What would we do without her! I hopped over from Blue Cricket and am so happy that I did. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day this week when you get a moment. until later...

  19. I really need to get a printer, I keep drooling at the things people are doing from the Graphics Fairy. Your pictures look amazing and I love your old family photo's!

  20. Great use of prints from The Graphics Fairy!! LOOKS SOOOO GOOD! Beautiful!

  21. Very Clever. I love it.I am going to have to remember this because I definitely need some more art in several places in my home.

  22. These turned out great! I love the Graphics Fairy too! :)

  23. Hi Rhonda,
    How beautiful! Turned out really lovely for you. I too like the Graphics Fairy. I see you are a Christian; so am I, so I'm signing up to follow you. Would like to stay in touch! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


  24. I adore your artwork! What a wonderful idea. The lamp is yet another one of your lovlies that I need at my house;)!

    I am so excited about the news of your grandbaby...a little jealous too;)! I want one sooooooooo badly! You are one lucky lady...make sure and keep me up to date on all the happenings! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

    LUCKY YOU;)!!!!!!!!!


  25. Today I spent some time wondering around your blog. We have similar tastes. I so love with you did with the painting and the lamp.


  26. Oh Rhonda, this is beautiful!! I adore that lamp!! And the prints!! Oh my goodness!! I love them!! The way you finished them is genius! The little areas that are crackled? LOVE THEM!!

    Beautiful!! Come do my house!! I am in Alabama, I mean we are in the same State!!! lol

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda :)

  27. Your artwork is great but I'm stopped in my tracks by that gorgeous lamp!!


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