February 25, 2010

You’ve Got Mail…In The Real Mailbox!!!


fairfield house postcard

Rockaway, Long Island NJ: 1931


Deborah @ “Fairfield House” is having the most amazing party!!! 

She has a wonderful post about the dying art of written correspondence and McLinky is waiting to help us do something about it!!!

We are all going to send each other postcards (no need for vintage ones),  preferably about ourselves, our town, state, etc.  When Debora has received a card from all 50 states, she is going to have a give-away.    I think this is going to be so much fun.

Join us…it’s going to be fun.  Mclinky is up over at Fairfield House.   I hope to get a postcard from you!!!



  1. Rhonda, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my cloche's, the postcard idea sounds fantastic. I will have to look for a vintage one from Florida in my husbands collection, not sure he'll let me have it though. smiles, Marla

  2. Rhonda,

    Thanks for participating in the postcard exchange! Also, thank you for this wonderful post about it! The more the merrier!

    Just wanted readers to understand that this is NOT a Vintage postcard exchange. (If they pop over to my site they will understand why I have photos of those old postcards up.)

    Thanks again. I'll be in your real mail soon!

  3. Hi Rhonda ~ Thanks for stopping by my WW. Deborah's party does sound like fun. I actually do a lot of written correspondences to my far away friends. They say I am a better friend once someone moves away :) I will shoot on over to The Fairfield House now ~

  4. What a interesting thing to do. I would love to participate.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. This is neat, I am originally from Nutley NJ, so I know where this is.....fun....thanks for stopping by my post!

  6. Wonderful idea! The art of correspondence needs a revival! Suzie. xxx

  7. Going to have to check this out! Happy Friday to you, Rhonda!

  8. I am playing along with the postcard exchange too.

    Here is my email so we can exchange addresses.

    On another note, I have linked your site on my post today. I hope you will swing by.

  9. I am just constantly amazed at the creativity that abounds in the blogosphere. What a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing this. ~jermaine~

  10. I'm joining in on this one too, its a cute idea.

  11. I have your info to send your postcard but just now got around to visiting your blog.

    You have CHIHUAHUAS!! You are my type of people!
    Last week I posted mini videos of my 6 dogs if you want to see.

  12. Hi! I am joining in the postcard exchange and following the links from Deborah's site. Couldn't find your email, but would love to exchange with you! veb.indiana(at)gmail(dot)com


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