October 17, 2009

Going Beaching!

I am leaving early tomorrow morning for the beach.  I love the beach best in the fall!!! Crazy, I know!  I hate to be hot…I burn very easily…and I haven’t been in a swimsuit in years!!! So bring on the fall beach!!

I will be giving a lot of thought about the way I want to proceed with my shop plans.  I think that I will have a website - instead of Etsy.  Still researching. Still confused!

I would really love to hear any pros/cons that any of you have encountered in internet sales.

I will leave you with this!


I will check in a couple of times from the beach. Hopefully, with news of great junk discoveries, delicious seafood meals,  and some final plans for “Blue Creek Boutique”.



  1. Bonjour! I think it is wonderful that you are starting this boutique. The name is great, and after reading through many of your posts I'm sure it will be a success.
    I have an online business - I do personalized itineraries and private tours in Paris (www.ParisTravelGroup.com) I have always used Paypal without any problems, very easy to set up and maintain. I'm also working on another online business to complement my new blog. I'll let you know if I find anything interesting you might find useful during my own research.
    Good luck and enjoy the beach. I'm with you 100% on the Bathing suit - definitely not my best look!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous "time to refresh"!

  3. Enjoy the beach! In a few weeks my husband and I will be going away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary.....I'm so looking forward to that.


  4. oh, lucky you, it looks beautiful, have a wonderful time!



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