September 30, 2009

Guest Bedroom Complete…Partial Reveal!!

First, let me say that I have been fighting with Live Writer and Picasa for three days!!!  My very first blog was easier to publish!  I think that I have it figured out – well at least my photos are showing up now. I came really close to blog murder!!!  Yes, I could have put up a post the old way. But, I was not going to give up!  So, I really hope this turns out okay!


I have been talking about this room make-over for way too long.

I have been working on this room for WAY too long!!!!

So, I am calling it finished, at least for now. I have so many other things that I need to be doing.

I almost accomplished everything on my check list (“Guest Room Update”).

The chairs didn’t get their slipcovers or their pillows.  As things progressed,  I started to appreciate the blue pear fabric.  I still plan to make cream linen pillows to replace the velvet bolsters, but the slipcovers are out for now.

I am going to put up a couple of photos tonight.  I am just too tired and too blog weary to do any more!!


Blue, blue, my world is blue…Ha!   A musical blast from the past!!!  Wow, I told ya I was tired!!       

I broke this pretty lamp ( seems there is a limit to how far you screw a light bulb in)  and tripped the circuit breaker, so the final photos are a little different.    Whoops, there is a hammer and bowl in the chair too!! 

Okay, one more before I rest my aching brain!



If this post is successful,  I will be back with the rest of this story.  If it’s a flop,  you can find me crying myself to sleep.



  1. GORGEOUS!!! How soon do you want me to be there? It is so nice of you to create a space in your home just for me...hehe!!!

    This is such a beautiful space and the color is stunning!!! I love the chairs and the window treatments and the lamp and...everything!!!

    As are a wonder!!!


  2. Hi Rhonda...

    Ohhh...I had to come over as soon as I seen your post go up on my blog window! Girlfriend, your guest bedroom is stunning!!! I'm loving everything that I see! This color of blue is it paired with the creamy white...ohhh, so frenchy!!! I was really "taking in" all of the beautiful fabrics...the drapes are gorgeous and that pretty white coverlet...gorgeous!!!

    I love, love, LOVE that pretty tall white cabinet and along with those beautiful chairs to each side of it...fabulous!!! Soooo, soooo pretty, Rhonda! So sweet!!! This beautiful room is going to make your guests feel so special!!! Thank you for sharing this with us today...can't wait to see the entire room!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  3. Oh, I could so find myself relaxing in that room....stunning!


  4. The palette is so serene and restful. Your guests aren't going to want to leave!
    pk @ room remix

  5. Oh it looks just lovely. I look forward to seeing more pics. Love the colors and the beautiful furniture and accessories. Hugs, Marty

  6. Beautiful!

    Lamp or no lamp...STUNNING!


  7. Oh dear, I was going to give Windows Live Writer a try and now I'm not so sure!

    Your room is just stunning and elegant.It looks like a silvery blue. I like those chairs and the fabric. Really beautifuly done!


  8. Gorgeous! Loving the relaxed elegance feel and the colours~ so beautiful.

  9. Rhonda, I just love your update! That is a totally beautiful room, really love the drapes & the bamboo blinds. You have created a wonderful place for guests!


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