August 18, 2009

We Are Family...I Got All My Sisters With Me!

I had the most wonderful day today.
My four sisters came to Blue Creek Home!!! A sister from Texas was in Alabama for a high school reunion, so she and my other three sisters, who live about two hours away, drove down, getting here just in time for lunch.

Not that you asked, but - I served no-peek casserole, mashed potatoes, peas, sweet potatoe fries, and a huge fruit salad. I got out our mother's pretty white china for the occasion. It is the first time that I've used it since she passed away. Of course, my sisters were delighted. The china is white with a thin, platinum colored rim. It came with very small bowls that I used for the fruit salad. It is simple, but lovely. (Did I think to photograph the tablesetting or the food for a post??? Of course not!!!)

About half way through lunch, we started talking about shopping, flea markets, things we had found for great prices, and on, and on,....!!!! Someone asked if we had good shops around here and suddenly, we were scarfing down lunch, skipping dessert, and piling into the car to go junking.

I am usually alone or with Al for these trips. I was so excited to have my sisters with me at Angels Antique and Flea Mall!! My sister from Texas is quite the expert on dishes. She and I held a lot of china up to the light and examined a whole lot of dishes. What fun!!! She bought a beautiful white, four piece tea set. It had the prettiest shape.

I, of course, found all sorts of things, but with five of us in the car, we had to be real selective due to limited cargo space. My favorite find was six dinner plates in my mom's pattern that we had just used. When a sister spotted them, we weren't sure it was the same. As we got closer, I knew that it was the exact plates. I almost started crying. It was just so special how it played out that way. I guess it was just meant to be. I also got a piece of Wedwood Jasperware, a tall jug shaped basket, and antlers.

Three sisters came away empty handed from Angels. But then we went to Resurrect. It is the coolest store - I love it there! A blue porcelain bird, seashells, and a white iron picture frame came home with us from there.

We then drove home, made coffee, and finally had our dessert.
They have been gone for a couple of hours and I miss them already. They are very special girls and I love them fiercely. Love you too, brother!

I can't believe that I did not take one photograph! We were too busy talking and shopping!

Here are the things that I got from Angels.

Six dinner plates in my moms pattern

I love the shape of this old basket

Wedgwood Jasperware

Pair of antlers. Does anyone else have a thing for antlers???



  1. That's great you got to have a day like that with your sisters. Sounds like you had fun!

    Since you seem to know a bit about dishes... do you know anything about the name Red Wing? My mom and I just found a big set of my great grandmothers dishes with that name. They all have an individual date stamped on the bottom... (like June 26, 1946.) Just wondered if you have ever heard of them...

  2. That sounds fun! I love those plates - very pretty. How exciting that you got another piece of Wedgewood!!

  3. Well, when life happens, we don't always think to take pictures of it. Memories will have to suffice. You girls sure sound like you had loads of fun. Never really knew my sisters. So in that you're lucky as well.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. I really need to spend more time with my sisters, (there are 6 of us!)

    Thanks for your appreciated comments to my blog.-Angela

  5. That sounds like the most wonderful day. My mom has 3 sisters and when the four of them get together it is madness. I only have one sister and I would love a bunch more!
    Finding those plates like your mom's is amazing. How special.
    Thank you for leaving such and sweet comment on my blog regarding my mom. I know you have felt the same pain that I am going through and ironically, it comforts me. I covet your prayers.
    God bless you,

  6. Sounds like a great time! I love the plates you got and that basket too!



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