August 27, 2009

The Roosters of Blue Creek Home

It is finally time for the first "Show us Your Roosters Party", hosted by Barb at "Bella Vista". I know that a lot of bloggers are going to be there. So after you meet my roosters, make sure to go on over to Barb's and meet the rest of the party roosters!

I didn't think that I had enough roosters to come to the party. I don't collect them or even "look" for them when I am shopping. They don't grab my attention on store shelves, nor do they whisper my name when I pass them. (You would be suprised how many things softly plead with me to take them home. Sometimes, things jump into my shopping cart!!! It is really quite mad.)

I think I still hold a bit of a grudge against roosters. I guess that covers big chickens, too.
A big one chased me when I was just a wee thing! It took like all of two seconds for him to catch up with me, and he pecked me right on the !*#!**%#!! Man, I was so close to safety too!
What was even worse, was that everybody laughed!! (You know who your are!)
So, amazingly a few roosters have come to my house to roost.

Maybe, attending this party will be the beginning of forgiveness and healing!!!

Blue Creek Home Roosters

I just bought this vintage wooden rooster lamp yesterday. I have it in the kitchen.
At first, I didn't care for the shade, but it is beginning to grow on me.

A beautiful unstretched oil painting

This painting is over the highboy in the master bedroom

I have had this spatter ware since the 80's.

I picked this little guy up in a hospital gift shop.
FYI - hospital gift shops are a great place to shop. I always check out their end-of-season sales. I have found some really cute things at good prices.

This rooster oil cruet was given to me by a friend

My last party animal is a rooster plate which was another hospital gift shop find.

Let's go to the big party now!


  1. HI Rhonda! I love your pretty Roosters! You have a nice collection!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Hey that wasn't so bad have a collection as big as mine and I love roosters!
    My Roosters Party On

  3. Hey Rhonda! Love your roosters and had to laugh about teh little story you shared. I'm sure as a child that was a very traumatic and scary thing for you! Bless your heart!

    My mama collected roosters, so seeing them always makes me think of her. My oldest sister inherited her collection, so I didn't get any of them. Today has made me a teensy bit jealous that she got them all, but that's okay. I did get lots of other things of her's. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. What gorgeous feathered friends!!! I am in love with the lamp!!! I think he needs to find his way to my house;)!!! The painting is wonderful...also needs to fly over to Casa Cathy!!!

    Isn't it funny that without even thinking about it you can put together a collection...I love yours!!!

  5. Hi Rhonda, you have beautiful roosters and your lamp takes my breath away.....gorgeous! You know, roosters do call my name when I pass them in stores. Haha!

    Thank you for joining and being a special part of the day.

    Barb :-)

  6. LOL...lots of pretty boys, but I love that cruet!!!

  7. Oh, love that lamp and the rooster painting in your master bdrm. I am with you. In real life I really don't like roosters, they scare me too. You do have a really great collection though. Hugs, Marty

  8. I love the Spatter ware!! Hadn't seen it before. Blessings, Janet

  9. Your spatter ware is just amazing. I love the colors. Great roosters on parade on your blog today. Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Rhondi, I think you have a pretty good collection and they all are so pretty, I had a similar experience growing up being chased by a rooster at my grandparents home, but overcame the fear so much so that I have real chickens on our farm.

  11. Nice collection of roosters. Love the painting. Debbie

  12. Funny post!!! I enjoyed it & your roosters. Luckily I have never had an encounter with a real rooster. I might not be as forgiving as you.

  13. Such beauties you have! Our tastes are very similar. Thanks for sharing your collection.

    Big Rooster Hugs & Pecks,
    Angelic Accents

  14. Hello Rhonda,

    Great story! I love the oil painting and the plate from a hospital.

    ~ Tracy

  15. Hi Rhonda! I popped in from Alabama Bloggers. When I saw the title of your blog, I knew you had to be from my part of the country. I'm a "transplant" to Dadeville, so we're practically neighbors!

    I LOVE roosters! When I repainted my kitchen/breakfast room a couple of years ago, I decorated with roosters. Maybe I need to get in on this. :)

  16. Loved seeing all your roosters. Thanks for sharing. Does the splatter ware have a mark. It looks much like the Quimper I collect. I'd be curious to know.
    Hope to see you at for some rooster fun at my place. Have a great weekend! ~ Hyacinth

  17. What a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing.

    Irma :)

  18. That oil cruet is part of a table set & it is called Roses n' Roosters & it is worth a nice penny. We've sold tons of these R'nR. Love them because of the roses. Have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  19. I covet the lamp. The oil painting is beautiful are you going to frame it? Thanks for sharing your roosters.

  20. Ahhh!!! So many pretty roosters.
    Just checking in with everyone and to give an update.
    I have a new party starting- Wed Sept 2. So each week I will have the Knock Off Knock Out party on Mondays and the Holiday/Seasonal party on Wed. I hope you come for a visit.
    New buttons to grab as well.
    Its So Very Cheri

  21. I've got to shop in hospital gifts shops, too. Great oils and plates.


  22. I Love your Roosters... I am having a give away Please try to stop by...

  23. Very pretty lamp Rhonda! Love it! We have the same granite counters it seems.

    Sorry you got pecked as a child. Ouch!

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  24. Hi Rhonda, what a great blog you have. I came by to see your "Rooster Party" and saw the REALLY NEAT thing you made from the lamp, plate and cloach - I love it! And the rub on stencil - great idea! You are so creative! I'm adding you to my favorites list!


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