August 26, 2009

Numbered Art for "Knock Off Knock Out"

Okay, Cheri!!! You wore me down, girl!!!
I do not have time to start a project and get it finished for this party.
So, I started searching Blue Creek Home hoping to find something.
And, I did!!
Here goes nothing.

We all know that numbered and lettered art is all the rage right now.

I found a few examples of this kind or art online so that you could see where I am going with this.

Art Deco Numbered Art

I found this beautiful room at "Perideau Designs". The numbered canvas is from Pottery Barn.

"The Figure 5 in Gold" by Charles Demuth (1928)

Metal Numbered Art from Pottery Barn

Now a few words about my numbered art.

I made this piece (with plenty of help)while I was employed at Faux Biz. We were preparing to go to a show in Charleston, S.C. We hustled to get 20 of these boards designed, executed, and shipped to the show.

I sketched my design for this numbered board and Will, our computer whiz, got it into a program and then I took that to a sign maker for stencil making.
Janet Brown, the owner of Faux Biz, also helped choose colors, etc. Her husband, Randy, made matching slim black frames for all of the show samples.

Janet gave it to me when we closed.

Here is the kicker!!! This is made of concrete!!! (Bella Vernici)
I think it turned out mah-ve-lous dah-ling!

The numbered concrete artwork
And yes, the number five is supposed to be backwards!!!

Another shot of the numbered art

Detailed view

The zero is built up and has screws recessed into it
The backwards five is also raised

A view that shows the profile of the raised numbers

Now, see more fun knock offs at "The Knock Off Knock Out" party over at "It's So Very Cheri".


  1. I love the concrete number board/picture! Very cool!

  2. Wow, concrete?! You guys were ambitious. The background really looks like wood. It's great you got to keep one.

  3. VERY COOL!!! I LOVE numbers and letters.
    Thanks for posting to the party and I hope you become a regular.

  4. I love all the artwork you have shown! But your's is really amazing! Love the muted colors. That would fit in anywhere!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  5. Thanks for stopping by. I love your numbered art. Amazing what you can do with concrete.

  6. oh I love this! And, concrete is truly amazing- useful in so many ways!


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