August 14, 2009

Estate Sale Envy!!!

I found some great estate sales going on in the Atlanta area today through the weekend. It would make me happy to get to go. But, it's not going to happen. We have way to much to do around here.
So, I thought I would just share a few of the photos so that we could all drool together. Does anyone else share in my Estate Sale envy???

I am betting that we could all take something away from this table of silver.

You china lovers would have to ask for a shopping cart to haul away these lovelies

I could find some fun stuff for my screen porch make-over in this pile

This looks like the most fun to me. Give me a visor to keep the perspiration out of my eyes and I could dig for days.

I think this is a close up of the shed in the picture above. I spy some goodies in the shadows.

If the price is right, this sweeeet, blue cabinet, in the lower left, is coming home with me! Whoops, that's not going to happen either, is it?



  1. Oh wow. I say we plan a family trip to Atlanta, er, sans the guys, around Thanksgiving.

  2. Oh my gosh, I need to get down there ... that's my Wedgewood Queensware!!!!! Swoon.

  3. So many things from that silver table! Great finds. Unfortunately, the weekends seem to have so many "must dos" it's tough to fit it all in!

  4. Oh what a fun looking sale. I would love to pick through all of it and see what treasures there are. Sorry you can't go. Hugs, Marty

  5. Where do you live at? I live in Douglasville. Actually just moved here about two months ago.

  6. Rhonda,
    Thank you for all the kind words!
    Wow... that is one sale, i might have trampled someone if i was there! Good luck on the porch :)

  7. Oh my goodness! I would've soooooooo loved to accompany you on this one! You just don't find estate sales like this is California. At least, I never have! I would've bought the blue cabinet too!
    Great post!
    HAGD! Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds


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