August 12, 2009

DIY Magnet Board & Monogrammed Cone

I am linking to "DIY Day", hosted by Kimba, at "A Soft Place To Land".
She is definitely the hostess like no other hostess.
We appreciate you, Kimba!

This is a post from last week. I made a magnet board very inexpensively. You can view the "how-to" here.

I am also linking back to Monday's post with a DIY project on a monogrammed, hanging cone. You can find it here.

***The same technique can be used with cans. Spray paint one black and pierce with Halloween images, or paint one pink and pierce a pair of ballet slippers, or green with a holly design, or maybe a white one with a flower, or your team colors(Orange and Blue) with school letters(AU).
Wow, the last one would be great for a night time tailgate party. I am afraid I just may have to make some Auburn CANdle holders!!!
If anyone makes these, I would love to see them. And, ideas too.

Woo Hoo!!!Our Auburn "home" game tickets were dilivered today. WAR EAGLE!!!



  1. What a fun blog! I am fairly new to the blogging community so it is fun to discover new ones that are inspiring. Especially love your prayer for the day :))

  2. Thanks for stopping in. I love the cone! I have a ton of coffee cans just waiting for a project. I have done several Halloween ones for my porch but now want to do a monogrammed one and a team one!

  3. Want $80 worth of items and only spend $20 out of pocket? Read all about how you can do it too It's Just a COUPON - How much can you really save?
    and it's the last day for entering the give-a-way--and it's Photography art-Check it out!!

    Its So Very Cheri

  4. Great magnetic board. And so useful! Thanks for sharing!


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