June 15, 2009

A Trio of Arches

I love all the days-of-the-week posts that different bloggers host. Today, I am playing 'Three or More' Tuesday, hosted by http://gypsycorner.blogspot.com/. Fun!!

I am not sure why, but I am strongly attracted to arches. I know, it's crazy, but I love them. An arched door, or window, or bridge, or furniture,etc...be still my heart!!! I also adore art that has anything arch-y in it! Someday, I would love to have a whole wall filled with photographs of arched doors and windows in black and white, or maybe sepia toned - all matted and framed alike. That would just be too cool!

In the meantime, I have collected three (and that barely qualifies for 'Three or More' Tuesday) but it counts! Oh dear, This makes me want to add more to my little collection.

"Old Mexican Altar Piece" 18/50 watercolor by Audrey Matlin Rice

This first piece was purchased at a flea market in Madison, MS. I found it in the bottom of a dusty box of art. *I also discovered an original 9 x 12 watercolor by Anne Dennis, a recognized Alabama artist. I don't think the shop owner had a clue what she had. She was selling numbered prints of the Dennis watercolor for the same price that she sold me the original!

I purchased this at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

"Rose Window Reflection", a polacolor negative transferred to water color paper, by Judith A. Lowe.

This photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge was purchased in New York City from a street artist named J. Lombard.

After framing them to match, my little trio of arches lean atop a great old shelf in our master bathroom.



  1. Great idea! They came out nicely!
    Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!
    ~Really Rainey~

  2. Great architecture and love the way you have framed them. Yes, I could see a whole wall of portals to other places.

    Happy Tues,

  3. Very nice collection! I like your idea of making an arrangement on the wall~that will look really nice.

    It's great that you got to find a piece from a local artist. It may be easier for you to find more of her work if you want to make a collection.

    Happy Tuesday, Rhonda! :-)


  4. Hi Rhonda! You have a gorgeous little collection. Love the rustic shelf they are sitting upon too.

  5. Interesting art pieces. Makes for a nice display too.

  6. Very nice! How fortunate to have them all. The grouping is great :0)

  7. What a wonderful collection! I can just picture a whole wall of sepia-toned architectural prints -- that would be beautiful!

  8. I love architectural prints and paintings, too -- and arches are so special -- it's the mystery of them, I think -- we are still amazed at some level that they stay UP!

    Love this, thanks -- Cass

  9. i'm with you on the arches...they do make a neat geographic statement. thx 4 sharing!

  10. Happy Three Or More Tuesday!
    I'm also drawn to arches and your collection is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  11. This is my first visit! I love that first water color! I also love the sepia tones--love the aged look! Keep looking; you'll have a wall full before you know it!

  12. Great collections...I know the Brooklyn Bridge well..so many used it to run out of the city on 9/11...


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