October 6, 2014

Junking For City Farmhouse Pop Up Show

I woke up at 6:00 this morning and was at the hospital for some test by 7:30 only to discover that my appointment is tomorrow! Of course I was bummed and mad at myself for not checking my calendar!  I would blame the confusion on old age, but in all fairness, the appointment had been changed twice and then  two separate tests were changed to the same day!  I get to do the early bird thing all over again tomorrow!
Not wanting the whole day to be a waste, I spent two hours in Target waiting for my favorite junk shops to open. I spent two more hours there making some good discoveries!
 Here are some of my finds
 I love white ironstone
I found this large antique platter and a lovely covered casserole dish

The chippy green paint on this horse hair brush is wonderful!
I think it may be a bench brush???

 I almost didn't pick up the platter because it looked so new and white.
I'm glad I did.  It's a T & R Boote - 16"x 12 1/2"
  I am astonished that this platter is in such good condition - it's really old!

 Two Ball jars with zinc lids,  Meakin ironstone cream pitcher,
old cutting board,  vintage Christmas bulbs,
and a metal something or other!

 The bulbs are the small screw it type
Love the bubble  lights

This is a small tureen - without it's spoon   : (
The frames are incredible. 
The paintings by Kelly - not so much!

 This is why I bought them!  It may be hard to part with these lovelies!

I hope y'all find some goodies this week.

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  1. Oh my...that casserole is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I hope I see it before it sells. I am getting excited about the show, but just hoping that I can everything done in time...moving very slow these days.


  2. Rhonda,
    You always find the best treasures! I too adore that casserole dish. Wish I were closer and attending the show! Off to check out your etsy page.
    Your Friend,


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