August 22, 2014

Major Frustrated This is a Test

How frustrated am I, you ask?  VERY!  I have not been able to sign on here since I posted my last post on Sunday. Something weird happened when I published that post - a white line mysteriously appeared through my page.
 I did manage to click on comments and somehow was able to  connect to Coastal Charm's party, but could not link back to her blog - sorry Linda!
Nothing is clickable from my homepage.  I cannot sign in from there - I can't do squat!!
 I am here now only because I have spent hours researching what to do - my latest attempt was signing in to instead of my regular URL address and BAM  - here I am.  Now lets just hope this shows up and I can carry on.
Did I say I was frustrated?????  My blog brain is mush!
Okay, I see that this post shows up but white line is still running down my page and again, nothing is clickable!  
I guess I can sign on through blogger, not a huge deal.
Sometimes I want to throw in the towel for good!
Hope your blogging week was better than mine....


  1. Checking to make sure comments are showing
    The issues I have been having happened the minute I published my last post - so as hard as I worked on it I decided to delete it. Miraculously, that seemed to have fixed my problem. I can click again! Never had this happen and still totally confused by exactly what did happen.
    I'm just special that way!

  2. That sucks! Glad it is better, hopefully! Looking forward to new posts!

  3. That sounds super frustrating, for sure!, thanks for visiting my blog today. The city farmhouse show will be my first also! I am so excited about it.. Hopefully we can meet? I hope you get your blog issues ironed out.


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