March 8, 2013

Easter Decorations in Blue & a How-to

 Hi all,

Since I have added blues back into my decor here at Blue Creek Home, I am looking for Easter ideas using blue. Here are a few that I like and maybe, if time allows, I might try a few myself.

 I love this Easter table


 Source: Eddie Ross

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Decoupaged Eggs

How To Create These Decoupage Eggs

Brighten a clutch of un-dyed eggs with stylized patterns from paper napkins.

No need for meticulous cutting: A loose trim around the designs will do, as the napkins' edges will blend into the eggshells.

Chipboard baskets, packed with the colorful creations and holiday sweets, are decorated with coordinating tags.

Blow Out Eggs

1. Pierce both ends of a raw egg using the tip of a sharp craft knife. Twist knife gently in holes to widen them slightly, with bottom hole a bit larger. 
2. Poke a straightened paper clip into the larger hole; pierce yolk, and stir. 
3. Hold egg, larger hole down, over a bowl. Insert the tip of a rubber ear syringe (available at drugstores) into smaller hole. Blow air into egg to expel its contents. Rinse egg with warm water; drain. Blow air into egg again. Let dry.

Paper-Napkin Decoupage How-To
1. Trim loosely around the designs on a white napkin using small scissors. Separate printed top layer; discard lower sheets.
2. Coat part of a blown-out white egg (or a white paper tag) with Mod Podge using a small brush. Apply 1 cutout design to egg (or tag); smooth with brush. Let dry. Repeat, adding designs as desired.
3. Apply Mod Podge with a medium brush to entire egg (or tag). Let dry.

Decoupage Tools and Materials 

Small, sharp scissors

Patterned white paper napkins 

Mod Podge glue sealant (matte finish: No.19574255), 

Small and medium craft brushes

Blown-out eggs

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I saved the sweetest for last!

These blue/purple hydrangea cupcakes
are seriously gorgeous - too cute to eat!

Have a safe and blessed weekend



  1. Gorgeous eggs. I've never tried to pretty up some eggs - maybe one day. Now those hydrangea cupcakes are so pretty and yummy looking.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Oh my gosh those cupcakes are too pretty to eat!!

  3. I was thinking about decoupaging some faux eggs myself, Rhonda. I think by the time I actually get to doing it, Easter will have come and gone! : ) Love those hydrangea cupcakes. They look too pretty to eat!

  4. I've always wanted to try this! Thanks for the push.

    I'm a new follower!

  5. I love Easter so I am drooling! What a gorgeous table you set and all the lovely Spring delights make me smile! Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and yours Anne


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