December 10, 2012

Magnolia Branches For My Christmas Mantel

So, on the way home from church today, I spied a big ole Magnolia tree growing wild in the woods - on a back road with very few houses.  I had G-Man turn the car around and pull off the road so I could trapse off through the briars in my "Sunday go to meetin' clothes" - all for the sake of getting a couple of Magnolia branches!!!  

At one point I had to decide whether to go over or under a fallen pine tree - I chose to go under and my knees weren't real happy about it.  I got Magnolia branches for my Christmas mantel and besides a lot of beggar's lice on my clothes, I came out unscathed.

Why did I go to so much trouble to get Magnolia branches?  See for yourself.

Christmas Mantel 2012

Working with a giant t.v. above the mantel is a challenge for me 
I kept on moving things around until it looked right to me 
After I added the burlap and Magnolia, it looked right!

This is okay, but don't you agree that 
 it looks better with the addition of the 
burlap ribbon and Magnolia branches?

 Okay, stop looking at la la loopsy 
and pay attention to the mantel, please!!!

 I intertwined burlap ribbon through the garland 
and added a few Magnolia leaves at the center

 The black iron candle sconces on each end 
were a Christmas gift from Alex last year

 I covered the glass with burlap
and tied a ribbon around them

- and then I tied on cards with sweet
 Victorian girls wearing holly in their hair

 Green glitter around the edges
adds just the right amount of sparkle

Old books and mercury glass are used across the mantel

 I covered this bottle with tumbled abalone shells,
added some vintage rhinestone jewelry,
and used an image of Mother and Child on the front

I dressed these old bottles up like royalty 
 for the 2011 Christmas issue of
Belle Inspiration

The two mercury glass jars came from TJ Maxx
I didn't care for the color of the floral metal work on the top
so I brushed a black glaze on them...
much better!


  1. Rhonda, your Mantle is gorgeous! You were so right to add the Magnolia leaves and the burlap ribbon.
    I love everything you do. I was fortunate that my hubby did not choose to put the television over the mantle. But needless to say we do have the big black box in the room.

  2. It looks beautiful, Rhonda! The burlap and magnolia leaves make a wonderful finishing touch. I love the addtion of the sconces, too. You decorated them so pretty!

  3. Such a gorgeous mantel Rhonda and you are right..the magnolia leaves are the perfect touch!

  4. made the right decision going for the magnolia leaves, they are perfect! Your mantel is just beautiful. Visiting from Between Naps on the Porch. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your mantle is gorgeous, I love magnolia leaves and I really like the touches of mercury glass.


  6. So very pretty Rhonda. I'm sure G-man was in the car laughing at you, off in the woods:)


  7. Your mantel looks beautiful! I love how you added the sconces.

  8. Rhoda,
    I am picking my jaw up off the floor. This is stunning and so worth the 'adventure'! Besides the crisp greenery, I adore how you dressed the vintage bottles for the holiday.
    Your Friend,


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