December 4, 2012

Christmas Tree 2013 & Giveaway Reminder

This time last year, and 4 years before that,  our back yard had 120+ feet of garland draped along  the length of the wooden retaining wall - complete with a large red bow at each post - about 9,  I think.  Al hangs the garland and I come along behind him reshaping the garland and hanging then fluffing the bows. It takes the best part of an afternoon.

G-Man and our neighbor always make fun of my inability to just hang the stuff and walk away!!! I don't even like to think about doing such a thing - and that, my friends, is the truth.  I am not proud of it, and I know that I am not the only anal (sorry) Christmas decorator. .  I mean what are we thinking???  Oh,  I forgot to add that there were 5 spot lights illuminating our creation. 

In our case, anyone driving by and admiring the perfectly hung garland would have to climb a steep 10 ft. hill to get to our yard. Not that I think anyone would be interested enough to actually touch it...duh!  So, why do I (you?) obsess so over what should be a simple, happy 'hanging of the greens'? I don't know the answer to this question. What I do know is that I do not enjoy being this way and I really wish I wasn't. 

This year we agreed that we were going to skip the decorations in the backyard . We both let out a great big sigh of relief when we made this decision. 

I have also decided to let a few of the many  red and green plastic containers sleep through the season this year.  Obviously, we will have the tree in our great room as usual.  Last year it was weighed down with lime green and red decorations - all wonderfully playful and fun!!!  I love it that way, but I was ready for a change. So, after wrapping and tucking burlap ribbon deep inside the branches, I used all vintage or vintage type ornaments in silver and other light colored mercury glass along with lots of handmade things.

 I assumed I was finished when I ran out of ornaments, but something was just wrong. I spent a couple of days thinking I needed to buy more ornaments when it hit me...BAM!!  I wanted icicles...old timey, silver, shimmery icicles. I almost gave up on the idea when I couldn't find them.  My sweet G-Man finally found them at Dollar General of all places!! And, I was right - it is perfect now. 


I wrote the first part of this post a few days ago and now most of my decorating is done.  I will continue to tweek things and add fresh greenery as it gets closer to Christmas. 

 I did discover one thing about myself, though.  I really, really, really tried to walk away from unfluffed garland and crooked ornaments...but I COULD NOT do it!  If I did walk away, I always came back later and 'fixed' it!!! And, I have decided that it's okay to be that way. 

Detail oriented isn't the worst thing I could be.  I am pretty sure that I will always be this way - it's just how I am supposed to be, I guess!  

Anyone else want to own up to being an OCD Christmas Decorator?

 Great Room Christmas Tree

-Starting at the top-
I made this Santa over ten years ago
when burlap wasn't even that cool!


Good Morning????
What happened HO HO HO, Santa???

I started with rolls of burlap ribbon
and ended with lots of silver icicles
I can't remember the last time I used them

Room Shot

 It was difficult photographing the tree
with all of the light coming through the windows

Here are some close ups of ornaments

 Vintage Ornament with a tiny 
bottle brush tree inside

 Great old mercury glass ornament

 A sweet little angel on fluffy cotton clouds

 The reindeer is a new $1.00 purchase  from Dollar Tree

 From The Graphics Fairy -  
 make two copies, reverse one-
cut out - glue together - punch a hole- tie a ribbon-
glitter the wings with silver German glass glitter-
hang it up and enjoy you easy ornament

Another bottle brush tree

 This one has a tiny mushroom and snow covered trees

 Frosted mercury glass bell and a double indent

 I added a few of my handmade cupcakes

Back in the day, I made this angel 
using a large cookie mold
I even made the paper !!!
It is getting a little crispy around the edges

 I don't know the age on this rhinestone studded ornament
I picked it up at an antique store a couple of years ago
I really don't think it is old but
it catches the light beautifully

I have a vintage lace Battenburg skirt around the base


Den Makeover Pics Dec 2 017
The bright red and lime green tree was fun
but I am enjoying the 'quiet' look of this year's tree
 *   *   *

Don't forget my Shabby Apple Giveaway 

 you still have five more days  



  1. Rhonda- I LOVE your tree. I made a burlap Santa about 10 or so years ago, too. I guess we were ahead of our time, huh? I just gave mine to one of our kids.

    Where on earth did you find icicles? We were all talking about them the other day and no one could remember the last time we saw them anywhere...and today I come here and there they are! I can tell that you, like me, HUNG your icicles and did not THROW them on. lol There is a delicate art to that! xo Diana

  2. Rhonda how lovely! The vintage ornaments, the burlap and the icicles are perfect!!


  3. merveilleux !! j'adore ton sapin de noël, il brille de mille feux !!

  4. Very pretty, Rhonda! Gosh, I haven't used icicles in a few years, but every so often the mood strikes and I get some.

  5. Rhonda,
    Your tree is beautiful! Am I 'detail oriented', a perfectionist, all or nothing, OCD, type A personality?
    I plead the 5th.
    Your Friend,

  6. A burlap Santa! I want one! You made me think about undressing one of my santas and making a little burlap outfit for him. Love your tree and the burlap ribbon throughout. I just wove burlap ribbon around my front door garland. Never thought about doing it to the tree, but will now!

  7. Your tree is so lovely and i love your vintage ornaments! So wonderful.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  8. Beautiful tree and tree skirt. Love the vintage ornaments.


  9. Your tree is beautiful! I love all the old vintage ornaments. I haven't even gotten ours up yet! We stopped using icicles years ago when our dog decided to eat them. And lets just say, they didn't come out without a problem!

  10. Love the new look of the tree. Burlap gives such a homey and fresh look. The burlap Santa
    is just perfect atop the tree, and the vintage ornaments, divine. Beautiful!
    Where on earth di you find that amazing tree skirt?!

  11. Rhonda your trees are beautiful!!


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