April 30, 2012

Plasma T.V. Over The Mantle

Y’all may remember reading “How The Grinch Stole My Christmas Mantel” – the post where I whined about the big plasma  t.v. that G-Man got for Christmas that went above our mantel!

Well, it has taken me four months to get everything figured out with the design of the room!  It’s as good as it’s going to get for now and I think it’s acceptable.

I am going to throw in some before shots of this area as well.




Four months after we put up the t.v

I finally have a look I can live with!

Christmas Day 2012 181

This was the day the cable guy came with the GIANT cable box

I almost cried –

Why can’t they make these things the size of an iPhone???

I hung the candle sconces on each side but nothing seemed grounded

And, notice all the wires?  Of course you do!

We had them rerouted in the wall to a cabinet next to the mantel.

Before that, I didn’t think the plasma t.v. and I could co-exist peacefully!!!


Months and many, many designs later,

I finally arrived at something I like

(as much as one can like a t.v. over their mantel!)

I think this looks pretty good – better than I ever thought it would!

And, we are enjoying the t.v.


A Blast From The Past!!!

I loved the wall finish then…

but, I am so glad that I painted the room a lighter color

I will share the rest of our large ‘everything’ room in the next post.


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  1. Love the set up you came up with, Rhonda! I know it's difficult to decorate around these things. I had been resigned to having our flat screen over our fireplace when hubby changed his mind. I did kind of breathe a sigh of relief. Now it's in our sunroom, which we use like a den.

  2. Oh- those darned TVs~ It doesn't look bad but I also know you don't LOVE it! They are just so hard to work around...but you did a good job with yours. Blessings- xo Diana

  3. It looks great Rhonda! We got a HUGE television too, which is also mounted om the wall...but it's not over the mantel....I still hate the cable box~!

    LOVE my necklace! Thank you!

    Lou Cinda

  4. Rhonda,
    Now we all knew that you would come up with a beautiful mantel and you did!!!! Like how you covered up the HUGE box:) I am at the Atlanta Market...boy this old gal is going to be before dark. I did find some goodies for my booths, but was surprised to see how many vendors were not open:( Saw a lady with a name tag from Dadeville, but I didn't see her name. When Mr.CC puts one of those babies over my mantel...I will be calling YOU!!


  5. I have to commend you for putting up with the tv front and center. You've done a great job with it though.
    Mary Alice

  6. Rhonda,

    I had to smile reading this post because we are so alike. We have a HUGE television too but I had one section of the custom bookcases that surround our fireplace altered so it would be tucked away in its own cubby. Now I just need to convince Thomas that we need doors to 'protect the screen from dust and the cats' {yeah, that's the ticket.}
    I think you did a wonderful job decorating. Did you see the flatscreens that double as a picture {similar to a screen saver} when not in use?

    Your Friend,

  7. Perfectly lovely, understated.. and interesting decorations for mantles. How refreshing! Whew!

    philippine properties

  8. I love the difference and the new wall color.


  9. I love your new look. I have the same problem with the box on the mantel. Where did you put yours? DH did reroute our wires into the wall but we have that box to contend with on the mantel. Did you put that in the cabinet too? The mantel is fabulous!

    1. Thanks, Miss Jane. Yes, I moved the box to the cabinet. You can see it but it is soooo much less obvious. I am going to post photos of the rest of the room soon.

    2. I really like how you fixed the problem and managed to do a low profile decor around it. Works well. We are house hunting in another state right now and this seems to be the "norm" in decor these days of over the mantle. In my present home I have no Fireplace but I have never had the TV in 22 years of living here, or in our previous home, in the living room. Neither has my 2 aunts. We all had dens/family rooms or basements to place this ugly things in. This left our living rooms "formal" if you will, but always a nice place to curl up with a book or newspaper for uninterrupted reading or with company.

      I also noticed a lot of the new homes have been recessing a big ole square above the mantle to place the TV in. Just not my style!! Not to mention, is it just me or does anyone else get a neck cramp from looking "UP" to view the TV. I'm short, so unless I'm laying down there's no comfort in viewing in an upward angle for me!! It had to be a (tall) man who started this trend. I say "LEAVE OUR MANTLES ALONE" They are for showing off our STUFF, not for a ridiculous over large BLACK BOX.



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