February 20, 2012

A Basket Full Of Washed Burlap & Treasures In Waiting

Hello again - finally
I have been busy painting furniture and making pillows (lots of washed burlap!!!) for my booth at Old Bank Antiques and my Etsy Shop.  Sales go down when you let things get stale in your space and mine is past stale!  In fact, it is just plain b-o-r-i-n-g!   It is time for a new look.

G-Man spent three hours with me on Friday helping me break down the huge chippy display unit in the front booth.   I reconstructed it to be a little smaller to fit in my downstairs booth.  I am excited about redoing my front booth now that I have gained that space.

We Replaced The Heavy Door (tabletop) With  Cedar Fence Boards
It Smells Great and Isn't Nearly As Bulky and Heavy
Moving It Downstairs Was A Smart Move
But Back Breaking Work!

Until I get it finished , here are a few things in waiting!

Laundry Basket Full of Washed Burlap 
Purchased For Panels For The Den
Washed and Dried 5 Times
 Cut Too Short!!!!
So, Lot's of Pillows, Runners, And
Whatever Else I Can Think Of !!!

 Small Section of the Basement
Full of Makeover Wannabes

I Need To Address This Before I 
Go Junking Ever Again...
Yea, Right!!!!   

I am about to take a break  to do  some Pottery Barn shopping - they have free shipping today!
Wish they offered an indoor/outdoor rug!  : (


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  1. That's a basket full of potential right there, Rhonda! I know you'll make some lovely things with that burlap. What a great inventory you've got to work on. It must be fun having a booth!

  2. Hi Rhonda, can't wait to see what you do with the burlap, I know whatever you do will be beautiful. I miss having my booths but just don't have time for them anymore. Have fun working on yours!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. Rhonda,
    Looking forward to seeing all your projects...you always do such beautiful work. I am taking a week off from painting:) I will be sewing some drapes for Haley...way passed due on those.


  4. Rhonda, Thanks for visiting my blog!! Glad I found your blog.. I see your basket is holding all the Burlap I have been looking to buy at Hobby Lobby.. lol Going back to read more on your blog!!
    April In Alabama

  5. Rhonda can I come junking at your place!? Ha! I am wanting to make some burlap smoked curtains for our living room. Not sure I have enough skill though. Can't wait to see all you are working on!:) Thanx for partying.


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