October 7, 2011

Beautiful Pinks

Today, I refreshed this arrangement in our master bedroom
by removing the dried hydrangea that was falling apart,
washed the greenery, and added these pink roses

 I wish I had a rose bush that produced roses like these

I love to add curly grapevines to my floral arrangements

The antique stained glass window is a pretty backdrop

You can almost smell them they look so real!

I found this oh - so - romantic
lampshade at a consignment shop.
I am now looking for the perfect lamp for it

I adore the beaded centers

Join me at How Sweet The Sound for more pink!

Happy weekend!!!
I am checking out a brand new open field flea market about 15 minutes away this morning with friends - I so hope it's good!


  1. So pretty Rhonda! I think Mary Claire and some of her friends are going to check it out too...they were telling me about it a few weeks ago. War Eagle! If you know of any FL. tickets for sale...please let us know...we need two more.


  2. Love the floral ! I wish I had a rosebush LOL.
    Love the lampshade, I made one similar with pink rose petals ... hope you find a lamp for it soon and
    Hope you got some finds at the flea market.

  3. Hi Rhonda, Love the new addition of full bloom silk roses. We're just starting Spring here, so our roses are just starting to bloom in the garden, and our days are getting warmer.HAppy PS #80twistedvines

  4. The roses are beautiful..I love that lampshade!
    In my opinion you can never have too many roses..
    real or silk! Your blog is beautiful!
    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog.

  5. Hi Rhonda! I like your floral arrangement. I like the idea of adding some curly willow. I may have to remake a few of mine. I left some pink rose bushes in New York that looked similar. There was a climbing rose that had such a great scent, too.

  6. A very pretty floral presentation.

  7. Pretty pinks. Have fun at the market.

  8. Love that lampshade and I feel that you will find the perfect lamp for it :) The arrangement with the roses is so pretty. I love the color.

    Lou Cinda


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