July 15, 2011

My Blog Dissapeared!

Update on my mess! It is 1:11 p.m. and I just found out that my domain name, bluecreekhome.com was purchased last night at midnight. I can pay GoDaddy $69.00 to negotiate a buy back from the new owner for who knows how much. I don't think so! The person I spoke to was incredibly nice, and he was mosthelpful. I wish I could hire him directly to help me put things back together here.
I think I really just need to step back, take a deep breath, and pray about what I need to do and where I really need to be. I knew that I would stop blogging one day, but I wanted to be able to make that choice myself.
I am amazed at how genuinely sad I am feeling. Silly, huh?
* * * * * * *

I inadvertently let my private domain name expire. The email account associated with my blog when I started it cannot be changed to my g mail acct. that I use for the blog. I hardly ever go to that aol email so I never read the renewal notices. So, right now, I could pay google apps $90.00, so I hear, to reinstate it. It would help if I could get in touch with them to do this!!! After 5 hours of frustrating searches and 20+ minute phone calls on hold, I am having GoDaddy backorder my domain name for me when it comes available to the public at the cheap price of $20.99 This won't happen for a while.
In the meantime I have to figure out how to change my blog back over to blogspot.com.
If you are reading this, I guess I was successful!!!!
I am going to cry now!


  1. Houston we have a problem.

  2. Don't cry, we're all still here. Yo're worth the wait.

  3. Rhonda,
    How scary for you! Thank goodness whatever you did worked cuz you are here! Enjoy your party and was glad to be able to "party hardy" with you!

  4. I see you, so it worked! Just stay with us on Blogspot! I loved your chair in the previous post...so frenchy! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. Rhonda, How terrible! I have heard of this happening to a couple of bloggers. There are people that buy these domain names and then offer to re-sell them back to you for an outrageous price.

  6. It worked, we're reading it. No crying allowed..well maybe just a little, sometimes it just makes you feel better dosne't it. We'll come by whether there's a blgospot or a .com at the end.
    Deep breath and go hug Mason - that will bring the smile back!
    Belle is live this evening, there's a lovely article on angels - you're one of those you know!

  7. Rhonda, I am so sorry! I am a geek when it comes to this kind of thing, so I would have had no idea at all either! I saw your sweet sister Jan at lunch today and she was telling me about it and she told me how to get to you! lol And it did work!!

    I hope you get this straightened out ASAP!! And so sorry you are having to do it at all!

    Lou Cinda

  8. What a hot mess! I'd die if I lost my blog and no, I don't think it's silly or sad to feel like you do, blogging has become a big part of our lives and it's a great way to connect, share and make friends. I know something like this happened to Pat @Back Porch Musings a year or so ago and she had to recreate her blog somehow.

    Thanks for letting me know. You better not disappear girl....we love you...maybe just take a little break if you feel the need.


  9. Really hope you don't stop blogging. We love your parties and we love your blog. The word will spread and this nasty person will not succeed. Just stay with your blogspot name and all will be fine.......eventually.

  10. Oh Rhonda!! Hang in there!! Please don't stop blogging because of this! We love you here! Trying to figure out how to get the word out that you are indeed still here!

  11. Hello Rhonda! Same thing happened to me... Very frustrating...I shared your story on my blog as well...good luck getting your blogging mo jo back!

  12. My goodness, this is awful, but there are those out there just waiting for someone to forget to renew their domain name...don't let this happen to you, like it has happened to Rhonda, she has put a lot of hard work into everything she does! I just checked our link to your blog and it's linking directly to him...wow, I need to get this corrected right now on our site!

    I am so sorry to hear you had this problem..I, too love your blog and your etsy shop!

  13. Sometimes we have happy mistakes! Your loss was my gain I suppose, cause I found you because of your loss of domain name!.

    Hugs from a new follower!

  14. Bless your heart, I just found your posts about what has happen and honestly, I feel like crying with you. And yes, it's also maddening. As far as backing off from blogging, I understand if you're doing that because of your son - but do NOT let anyone "out there" be the cause of you stopping. I love your party and was just getting ready to link up when I discovered this. I'll be praying for you, I know this is really really tough.



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