May 11, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday #6

Welcome to Treasure Hunt Thursday.  First, let me apologize if you came over last Thursday morning to link up and the party wasn’t up!  It went up as usual Wednesday afternoon and was fine when I went to bed.  Thursday morning there was no sign of my party anywhere!!!

I am starting early because Alex, Caroline, and Mason are about to leave for an "all girls" (except Mason)
family beach trip with.  We are all so excited.  We have a large house rented - will post from there.

I had just completed the free one month trial period.  I think I was just expecting an invoice since the trial period was over, or at least an e-mail reminding me. But nope, they just stopped my party – took it down!  I felt like a complete hostess failure!!  Thankfully everything was resolved quickly and they  gave me my party back!
* * * * *
When we lived in Jackson, MS, I did decorative painting for several interior designers.  Karen was a very talented designer with impeccable taste.  She gave me this gorgeous lamp simply because I had fallen in love with one she had – it was the male mate to the one she gave me.  What a special friend.

A Treasure From A Friend
She is made of metal and really heavy

I am using a simple linen shade .
need to restring the bells on a tassel!

The design is beautiful
*  *  *  *  *

Treasures From Last Weeks THT
Kathy @ Creative Expressions found this incredibly cute chair for less than $40.00

Check out all of the great vintage enamel ware at The Tattered Tag

Sarah @ Hyacinths For The Soul  shared some of her beautiful
Quimper Collection filled with beautiful fresh flowers

*   *   *   *   *   *   *  *   *

Now, it’s your turn to show off your special treasure!!!

We are walking out the door for the beach and of course my linky party is not working properly.  I will address it as soon as we arrive at the beach.    Please check back around 4: 30 this afternoon.


  1. Have a wonderful girl's weekend, sounds like so much fun!! Just linked up, xoxo Debra

  2. I love that lamp...the green color is one of my favorites.

    I envy your trip to the beach. When we went back in early April it was foggy the whole time, I'm never going back that early again! Have fun!


  3. Thanks for the feature, Rhonda! What a great lamp. I think that shade is perfect for it so the lamp remains the focal point. Have fun at the beach!

  4. Thank you for your kind visit to Girl in Pink and for the invitation to your Treasure Hunt party! I've just linked up! I hope you're having a lovely week!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  5. That is a wonderful lamp.
    Enjoy your weekend. Have fun and be refreshed.
    I am trying to work on a new post for tomorrow, but since my old computer has a mind of its own I'll add a recent one just in case.

  6. Have a great weekend! Love the lamp!

  7. Love that lamp Rhonda! Have a wonderful time here on the gulf coast and your time in Clearwater.


  8. Such a wonderful lamp AND a wonderful friend! Hope you have an awesome time at the beach! And thanks for hosting this fun event ~ I just linked up!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  9. what an amazing, unique lamp. it's a statement piece!


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