May 5, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday # 5 & Shelf Love

Welcome to Treasure Hunt Thursday. It’s hard to believe that I have already hosted four Treasure Hunt Thursday parties!!!  I am having fun and I have met  new blogging friends.  I  appreciate everyone who has linked up. 

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My Treasure

I adore wall shelves – old ones, new ones, open ones, closed ones, painted ones, stained ones, shabby ones, perfect ones – okay, you get the idea.  I LOVE SHELVES!!!
So, it is with great excitement that I get to introduce my latest shelf purchase. It came from Old Bank Antiques – the place where I have two booths.
The vendor who had it is in a tiny little room in the back that has an old brick wall with a window – I am jealous of her brick wall!  I am jealous of her single window with beautiful trees outside.  ( I have two windows with a view of the parking lot in my newest booth!!  At least I have good lighting in there!)  Anyway, her little room is full of English things.  Some vendors just have a mix of anything and everything, but hers looks like a real room and it’s chocked full of pretty English items and a few Frenchy things too.  She recently had a 40% off everything sale, so I grabbed up this gorgeous English style wall shelf to keep as my very own!
The shelf is by British Traditions. They are on my list of  stores to visit when I go to AmericasMart in Atlanta.  I love everything they make in every finish they offer.  Their line of gorgeous European reproduction furniture is perfect in every way! 
Right now, I am using the shelf in the great room. I filled it with white plates and other wood toned accessories.

Check it out!!!

I  like the look of dark woods and whites/creams together.
On top,  is an old wooden sugar mold – a gift from my sisters.
I love boxes almost as much as I love shelves –
the wooden box in the center is one of my favorites.
The frame made from barn wood holds a picture of
tiny Mason wearing nothing but a big blue bow!!!
His papa says there will be ‘payback’ when he is older!!!  : )

More European style  furniture from British Traditions that I dream about:

image                  image    


There isn't anything in their catalog that I don't like!

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Lynda @ Something Created Everyday thinks outside the box bed  

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  1. Just wanted to hop over and let you know I have a great deal going on at my blog for today only!!

  2. Hi Rhonda, thought I'd share all the fun from the Seed Box Open House, thanks so much for a great party!! xoxo Debra

  3. I love shelves, too, Rhonda! Such a great way to display collections and keep them neat. You found a great one! Thanks for hosting.

  4. I apparently have been living under a rock because I didn't know you were hosting this par-tay! So glad to be here, Rhonda. I love to show off my treasures.
    :-) Sue

  5. Forgot to say that I love the British Tradition line. They show at the High Point Market and last year I went nuts when I saw all their things! This year they didn't show as many things- maybe because they had a smaller area. I still oohed and aahed.... I'd love to carry the line someday.

  6. Hi Rhonda,
    I love the mix of white with the dark wood. It's very elegant.


  7. Hi Rhonda...

    Oooh...I'm loving your new shelf, my friend! Love the beautiful wood and the finish on it! You're right...the contrast of the white dishes look gorgeous with the darker wood! Sooo very pretty! Love all the other pieces that British Traditions has! Ohhh...that bed is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your new shelf and pretties with us today...I love it!

    Well dear friend, I just thought I would come by to say hello and see how you are doing! Since I have been on my little blogging break I have gotten sooo far behind. I hope that my little note is finding you and your sweet family all doing well! Ohhh...and by the way...I just adore the photo of Mason in nothing but that big ol' blue bow! Sooo precious!!!

    Love ya,

  8. Your shelf is wonderful and I love your display. This will be such a fun piece to play with for tons of displays. Thanks for hosting such a fun party. Hugs, Marty

  9. What a beautiful shelf! It looks great. Thanks for hosting!

  10. That is such a pretty shelf. It looks great with the ironstone on it. I have a small shelf I've been trying to find a spot for. I don't have a lot of wall space in this house :(

  11. The shelf is wonderful, especially with your white ironstone. I adore hanging shelves. Wish I had more. I recently discovered British Traditions on the web. I didn't know they had a catalog. How do I order one?
    Thanks for sharing and for hosting. ~ Sarah

  12. Hi Rhonda. Thank you so much for featuring my Blue Doll Bed Shelf. I am so honored to be featured. Lynda from

  13. You know, I have the perfect wall for that shelf right here...

    It is even beter filled with your other treasures and memories.

    I am still having posting problems, but this weekend I am too busy out treasure hunting to post anyway. 2 village wide sale, each with over 130 houses to investigate.

  14. Hi Rhonda,

    I just love the mermaid pic you use for THT. The pillow you made me has a special place of honor in my living room. A friend tried to "borrow" it the other day. I had to confiscate it from her on her way out. You better rest up before AmericasMart. I hear that is quite the day of shopping.

    Take good care,


  15. What a wonderful find! The justaposition of the darker wood with the ironstone is so striking. It looks like an antique. And thanks for letting me hook up to your patry *winks* Vanna

  16. I know your excited over you new purchase. I like the scalloped front and the size. If I'm not mistaken my pine hutch is British Traditions, as sure as I can be without the receipt in front of me. I'm sure you'll like your shelf, it will be one of those pieces you can move to any room.........Thanks for hosting

    The French Hutch

  17. Love the shelf! I will have to take pics of my treasures this week and link up too! That is if the floors dont get the best of me! If so I will be back next week for sure!

  18. I am a lover of shelves too!! Thanks for hosting such a fun link party with lots of great treasures. :)

    Drop By The Tattered Tag

  19. Hi-- I'm your newest follower. This is my 1st time linking up so I just wanted to say thanks!

  20. I love shelves, I love boxes, I love containers, I love anything that holds some of my "junk" and makes me look organized, lol. Your shelf is wonderful, it looks like a perfect size.

    I had no idea what a sugar mold was, so I googled it! Very cool!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  21. I loves shelves and white stoneware...yours is amazing!

  22. I love showing the new treasures I have hunted down. Mind you, all my treasure hunting is done on Sundays, thats when our boot fairs take place. Off to visit the other treasure hunters now.


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