March 12, 2011

Some Facts About G-Man on His Birthday

Most blog wives have nicknames for their blog husbands.

I have always referred to my husband as G-Man here on my blog.  Why?
Well, a friend of mine started calling him that several years ago. Why?
Because he worked for the Federal Government for twenty-eight years.

He started to work for the FBI in 1976. The last eight years of his career, he was a polygraph expert - YES,  I am married to a man who can tell if I lie tell a little fib about how much money I spent at the mall!!!
He retired in 2004, but still continues working for the Bureau as an independent contractor today.

Why I am suddenly discussing G-Man???  Because March 13th is his birthday!!!  And, I love him a whole lot!

G-Man has an office here at Blue Creek Home.  It is filled with things he loves and he spends a lot of time working there.   He spills out into the adjoining dining room and sometimes into the great room.
But since he is the bread winner, I don't complain - much!

I thought I would share a little part of his world at Blue Creek Home today. 

This was a retirement gift from the Bureau.

Wall behind G-Man's desk

Wall to the left of his desk
There are always two computers, sometimes three on his desk!

The names and the faces have been changed to protect the innocent!!!
I couldn't resist!!!

 His bookcases are filled with books, Auburn things, and family photos.

Lots of Auburn memorabilia

My zebra skin rug lives in his office

This is a numbered copy of an original oil painting by Cheeko Douglas
given to G-Man by our neighbor, one of Chico's current art students.

Cheeko is a local artist/teacher
I took art lessons from her for over a year
Alex took for about six months

Cheeko is from Japan - notice her signature at bottom right.
 I'm not sure what area she is from
but she visits family in Japan once a year.
I pray that they are all safe.

He had the opportunity to purchase this awesome .40 caliber Glock
which we have safely displayed in a glass case.
He even asked me to recover the bottom in a masculine fabric-

When we were dating, he helped me purchase my first gun -
it was the smallest little Smith and Wesson.
He took me to the firing range a couple of times
before he let me take it to my apartment.

I have to be honest.  I spent many sleepless nights in the early years of our marriage.  I worried a lot about his safety. He left his work at the Federal Building and that is the way it should have been. I knew he saw some horrible things during his career, but he always changed into his husband/father clothes before he opened the door at home.  Thanks for that G.  

Happy Birthday!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. Your hubby has a pretty awesome man cave!
    Happy birthday G-man! I hope it is a wonderful day!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY G-MAN!!!! Sounds like you can't tell a little white lie around him:( Just kidding...we would never do that:) Hope you all have a fun celebrating.


  3. Happy Birthday to G-Man! That's quite an office he has there, I'm sure your little grandson will have fun in there in a few years looking at his grandpa's treasures:)

  4. Happy Birthday to G-Man... must be an exciting job working for the FBI. What a wonderful office to work in too! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  5. It sounds like G-Man is wonderful, what a lucky lady. (He's pretty lucky too!) Sending him warm birthday wishes!!

  6. Happy Birthday to the G-Man! I am sure you are very proud of him! People that do not have someone in the "business" do not begin to realize the depth of anxiety it can produce! Blessings to you and all you have lived with through the years. I am gald he is "safer" now! xxoo Diana

  7. I definitely love that zebra printed rug! Happy birthday to your man!

  8. Hi Rhonda...what a nice tribute to your hubby. The man cave is awesome! Hope G-man had a great birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! Looks like we have another thing in common- my Hubby works for Lee County SO- and he went to the FBI-NA school so he has high regards for the G-men! His office looks much like your Hubby's except his is not as neat and it is still at work because he has not retired! Don't know where all that stuff will fit in our house when he does! And yes - that was the same estate sale! Loved that bitty car!

  10. Happy birthday to you Mr. G-man!^^ More power and god bless you and your family.

  11. Rhonda hope your hubby had a wonderful bday! That is a great day for bdays! I turned the big 36 that day!:)

  12. I better behave over here! Hee Hee! Happy birthday to your sweet G-Man! Love to both of you and the kids too!

  13. Rhonda, this is such a sweet tribute to G-Man! Love his office, and all the Auburn memorabilia...War Eagle!! Happy Birthday G-Man!!

    Lou Cinda :)


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