December 12, 2010

Memories of Christmas’s Past

This post is going to be all over the place with no rhyme or reason except Christmas.  But,  everything that I am sharing is very near and dear to my heart.

This is the only surviving ornament from my childhood tree
It is displayed safely in the china cabinet all year long

* Baby Jesus in the manger and angel wings*
I made them in multiples in pottery class

This simple tree is adorned with musical wooden ornaments handmade by my brother
and  yo-yo garland made by sister # 2 – Lin

These tiny instruments make me smile
Uncle Pebo (brother # only one!) can play any stringed instrument…amazing!

This old photograph makes me smile too,  and almost makes me cry at the same time.

This was taken on Christmas morning.  You can see we had our ‘baby dolls’ in our laps.

And, as usual, my little legs were straight out with my feet turned in!! What a hoot!

No one knows how much I love the  girl to my left in the photograph.

She is sister #4 (Jana) and my best friend.  Even though she is 2  1/2 years older,  she feels more like my twin.

We had many, many adventures together… some real, some pretend, and some that we didn’t plan!!!

We are both vintage now,  but we still play together as often as we can.

I want to include sisters #1 (Mar) and #3 (Jack) while I am talking ‘family’ here.

When all six of us are together,  we don’t stop laughing!

I love each of them so very much.

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  1. Your tree is wonderful! I love a tree that is full of memories. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Holiday.

  2. This is such a sweet, sentimental post. I enjoyed reading it. And I too have a 'twin' sister even tho she's 6 years older than I am. We have been best friends forever and will always be.

    Santa Centerpiece Do stop by sometime this week, I have a special hand made giveaway going on right now!!!

  3. love all your pics- just putting a post together of Christmas in pink , creams and tans- love the color combination!


  4. Come on! That little banjo is the bomb! I love bluegrass music and I bet Uncle Pebo plays a mean Uncle Pen.

    Wishing you a Merry, Joyous, Blessed Christmas,


  5. Your tree is beautiful!! I think your brothers handmade musical ornaments are awesome!!

  6. What a lovely post. All of your ornaments are so meaningful since they are made from your family members. Happy Holidays,

  7. How absolutely charming. If I owned an ornament like yours, I would want to look at it every day as well. Memories are the riches of our lives.

  8. What a wonderful post. I love the old ornament from your childhood tree...and love the picture of you two little girls in front of it! How perfect. Thanks for sharing your memories here.

    If there's a giveaway I think I missed it...but sign me up if you would. Hugs- Hope you are having a wonderful day- Diana

  9. Your pottery is so very it! Also lovin' that yo yo garland that your sis made...I have never seen this before.


  10. Darn it- I lost my post...What I SAID WAS...I popped over to Resurrect Antiques to "meet" Michelle. What a great little blog she has going there. Her furniture pieces are lovely and I love that she has realized her dream. I signed up as a follower and I hope lots of other people go over and do that too! Great find! Hugs. Diana....oh yeah...I AM signed up for the give away, I hope?!?!


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