November 15, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Finds

Before I begin, I would like to ask for continued prayer for Mary. She wasn’t able to go home from the hospital on Friday after all.  She became very ill so they started looking for other injuries. They took new chest x rays  and discovered a broken rib.  Then Saturday morning they removed her neck brace because she was experiencing so much pain. They discovered that she had a severe burn on the back of her neck.   She was hanging upside down when the medics removed her from the truck and they said the running lights (???) were still on.  They had burned her neck but the brace had been hiding it.  She has been moved to the burn unit and they will do a skin graft using skin from her thigh. We are still very thankful, because it is a true miracle that she is alive.  Prayer is powerful and yours is very much appreciated.

I left my house Friday afternoon to go junking knowing that I had a limited amount of time to shop before I had to be back to leave for a AU basketball game with G Man – and G Man doesn’t like being late! 

I had driven to a nearby town to revisit a store that I had discovered last month.  To my dismay it was closed, but I drove around aimlessly hoping I would find a treasure chest of good cheap wares.   I checked my clock in the car and with 10 minutes to spare before I needed to head home, I made one more junk stop.  I hit the jackpot at this little place and I had no time to waste.  I am sure I looked quite comical and I was talking faster than normal as I flew through the tiny crowded store.  This poor man was following me and I was just handing him things and telling him what a hurry I was in!  I asked him to start wrapping the glassware while I was still shopping because…yea, I needed to hurry!   I guess I had the man rattled by now.  He could barely add everything up (using paper – no cash register in this place).  We finally got everything wrapped and loaded and I headed out!  I arrived home in record time and without a speeding ticket.  Entering the house at the speed of light, G Man wanted to know why I was in such a hurry? ? ?  That is when I discovered that the clock in my car hadn’t been set back an hour!  I had to laugh, but I couldn’t believe I had left so many undiscovered things back at that store.  I am still thinking about it today and making plans to go back sometime this week.


The rooster & chicken have lost most of their paint but I still love this old planter.


I can never resist a white vintage platter


I think this little bowl would be sweet piled full of tiny vintage Christmas ornaments.

I also purchased six pieces of vintage Anchor Hocking milk glass,  but they are already at

my antique booth.


I am joining Linda @ Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrift Tuesday.  (Thanks Linda for my surprise today… I squealed when I read it.  You were less than 15 minutes from my door girlfriend!!!)



  1. Rhonda,
    This story is just too funny...sounds like something I would do (just too many clocks to change)!!! Next time that I'm at the lake...maybe we should meet up for some thrifting time:)


  2. Your vintage finds are all gorgeous!! I will continue to pray for Mary!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Rhonda, I am picturing a little man running behind you all flustered and trying to keep track of your purchases! I'm sure he'll be eyeing you warily next time you go in there! You got some great things. I'll bet that platter comes in handy with the holidays coming up!

  4. Poor guy! You move at the speed of light even when you're not in a hurry. I can just imagine the flashy haze of blonde through that guy's store. Heeheehee ♥ you!!

  5. This sounds like something I would have done! You found some great stuff. I'm sure you'll find more when you get back over there!

  6. Well, I love your finds...especially the white plate. I am so sorry about your friend, Mary. That is just awful. I work in a large hospital and many times in trauma cases you treat the worst injuries first only to discover there are underlying problems that have yet to be discovered. I will say a prayer for her health. Skin grafting is pretty painful..both from the source of the graft and the application of it. God bless her..and bless you for mentioning her here! Diana

  7. Oh Rhonda, what a funny story... It seems these days that I'm always in a hurry, so I can relate to this story, but what great treasures you found!!! I missed the post about Mary, so I went back and read it, I will be praying for her! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  8. Ha that sounds like something I would do. I still need to set my car clock, I usually have my hubby do it. It sounds like you found a great place to shop, good luck on the second round.

  9. What great finds! Seems like I always find the best stuff when I am in a huge hurry!

    I will say prayers for Mary...

    Lou Cinda :)

  10. Love your thrift-junk store story! and your finds are great. I love "junking!" I will put Mary on my prayer list, and pray she will be pain free and she will make a speedy recovery.
    Please come by my blog and take a look..I am having a give away and will be adding stuff all along! You could win!

    Smiles and Blessings,


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