November 28, 2010

Beautiful Whites


 This was an easy week for restocking my booth at Old Bank Antiques.

Linda, sister #3, was home for Thanksgiving and she brought three boxes

overflowing with  things she had gathered over the years and was ready to

part with.  I am happy to put them in my store for her.  I still have to tell her that I

am keeping several things for myself!!!!  Shhhhh!

I love pretty white milk glass.

This is the base to a punch bowl – now I just need the bowl!

I have it upside down – it makes it’s own bowl this way.


Don’t you love reticulated pieces?

The perfect tray for Santa’s snack.

A sweet snow angel bell


This Next Thing Is Going To Blow Your Socks Off!

             I was the lucky winner of this beauty at the

         Online Auction Fundraiser for Valorie & Alberto.

Presenting…The Mister Darcy  vintage French cotton & lace chemise de nuit~

offered by Metis Linens.

Yep…a Frenchman wore this long,  long ago- and he was one wee little man!!!

G-Man calls it the Seinfeld Shirt!  Remember that episode?

Be still my heart…look at the details


I imagine that many hours were spent sewing this masterpiece by hand.


The back is as lovely as the front


Needless to say,  I am thrilled to have it.


Sadly, it is too small for me, but my old wicker dress form

is rocking it with this vintage rhinestone belt…also, too small!  Crying face

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  1. Hi Rhonda,
    Love all your pretties your sister has decided to part with. My favorite is that awesome gown.
    Hard to believe a man would wear that, but hey men need ruffles too! LOL!

    It's gorgeous.


  2. Hi! Rhonda, I love your Milk glass pieces!! I actually have that the bottom and top of that same punch bowl!! I just love it!!
    That great auction piece of French clothing is awesome!! It is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the detail work done on vintage pieces!!

  3. Great pieces, Rhonda! I remember that shirt from the auction but knew I'd never get it. {I won a crown, which I love}.

  4. Rhonda, the shirt is awesome. I'm so happy it is in your care now. Looks terrific on the dress form. Amazing amount of detail on this piece and it looks to be in excellent condition.

  5. OH MY GOSH! I can't believe that shirt! I certainly do remember the Seinfeld shirt episode...with the "quiet talker". He had to wear on the Letterman show! What a piece you found and scored on. I love the milk glass pieces too...but that shirt takes it all! Hugs- Diana

  6. Rhonda,
    Your sister has some beautiful items that plate. This shirt is just so the style!!! How about that game...I sure hope we WIN this one before the 4th quarter this week:) Happy to see that we are #1 again...WAR EAGLE!!!


  7. Rhonda, that shirt is AMAZING! I love and appreciate such intricate handwork! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas Season!!

  8. I love whites and these are so pretty....did you say a man wore it!!?? WOW .....just too nice for a man, ha!

  9. The puffy shirt! I remember that episode. What a hoot that one was. The dishes are beautiful.

  10. Back when REAL men wore ruffles! This is gorgeous!! I would have flipped if I had won something like that! Lucky girl! Love the milk glass!!

    Lou Cinda

  11. How lucky are you to have won the shirt-love the details of it!

  12. Oh my goodness, I love, love, love that night shirt!

    Love the milk glass too, reminds me of my aunt, she had a beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing. Your dress form looks just lovely!

  13. What a georgous french shirt!! I love the milkware as well. I bet that dressform is the happiest dress form around!

  14. That shirt is gorgeous! I'm also half in love with the milk glass plate. I so rarely see reticulated pieces and they're usually a small tray or bowl. Pretty!

  15. Oh MY gosh I love that shirt but more than the shirt I love that rhinestone belt how sweet is that for a rhinestone lover like me


  16. Those Frenchmen really knew how to dress! Beautiful shirt, and how great you won it!
    Many Blessings


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