October 9, 2010

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Pink Saturday

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

How very much I wish they could find a cure. 

Al’s mother died from breast cancer and two of my four sisters (# 1 and # 4) have had mastectomies.  Thankfully, they were caught in the earliest stages and they both have made full recoveries.  Sister # 3 has had three biopsies in the last five years.   They have all been benign.  I  had two suspicious lumps that were discovered during my yearly mammogram seven years ago.   Follow up sonograms proved that they were not harmful. 

Sister #4 discovered her lump in the shower after losing weight.  She was using a new shower gel that she had gotten as a Christmas gift.  She knew as soon as her hand ran over that tiny lump that she was probably in trouble.  It was solid and felt like a small pea.  It was not sore or sensitive.  The scary part is that it didn’t show up on the mammogram.  She went to the hospital for a biopsy knowing that if it was malignant that she would go straight to surgery.  She woke up without one of her breasts and without breast cancer and she was thankful to God for warning signs.   

Large pink bows are tied to every door,  light post, and handrail in our small town square.  It reminds me of how much we need to raise awareness of breast cancer.  Let’s all continue to pray for those dealing with it right now and for their loved ones who are so scared.

This post is dedicated to everyone who is fighting breast cancer and also to my two precious sisters who won their battle against this awful disease.


Friends, PLEASE do self exams once a month.  It isn’t hard and it may save your life.

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  1. Rhonda, this is a beautiful post. Your family has been hit hard with this horrible disease. Like you, I've had some biopsies, but fortunately they were benign. Too many friends have had to struggle with breast cancer. I'm happy for your two sisters that they won their battles.
    Have a great weekend. ~ Sarah

  2. Your post is such a wonderful reminder to take care of ourselves. We tend to overlook ourselves and care for our phamilies. Thank you for the gentle and sweet reminder. I am grateful to God that your sisters survived. I am often just dumbfounded that my paternal grandmother and two of my dad's sisters survived during a time when there was such limited knowledge of the disease. I suppose God has His own ultimate plan for their lives but I am so saddened at the loss of your honey's mom and all the wonderful women I know who fought and lost their battles.
    Blessings to you and yours today Rhonda. I am so glad I can call you friend.
    Appreciate those prayers. Keep them coming please.

  3. Beautiful post..I am forwarding it to my daughters.

  4. This is really a good reminder to always be aware and be on a lookout for any lumps because if caught early, the probability of getting cured is high...Christine

  5. Amen! I have had a benigh lump removed, but the fear I felt before I knew it was benign is something I will never foget.

    Great post....

    Lou Cinda

  6. Hi Rhonda,
    You know first hand the about the need for a cure for breast cancer. I am thankful that your sisters were treated in the early stages, and I thank God they are doing okay. Early detection is the best prevention and that's why I always get my yearly mammogram. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    hugs and blessings

  7. I am so happy that all my Aunts have overcome this awful disease. Wonderful post Mommy :-)

  8. how thankful i am to be the surviving 4th sister!how thankful i am for my beautiful sisters, daughter, granddaughter, nieces---all my precious friends. i wish i could say something profound that none of you would ever forget but i don't have that wisdom. so i will implore you to be vigilent.if you think you have cause for concern don't be afraid of getting it checked out even if you don't think you can stand to hear bad news...if you have breast cancer, NOT hearing the news is the worst thing---every day gives you a chance to fight. thank you, baby sister, for your compassion. your 4th sister (lower case is due to broken elbow-yikes!)

  9. Hi Rhonda...wonderful post! I lost my Mom to breast cancer. My whole family does monthly self exams...thank goodness...my son found a lump this past spring (it is nothing, thank you God). I have been getting mammograms since I was 30 and my daughter will at a young age too. I proudly wear pink throughout the year, a little more during October!

  10. Rhonda,

    Thank you for this poignant and informative post. I am sorry for your loss. My beloved [only] aunt [who was also my God Mother] died before reaching the age of 50 due to this disease. She was such a 'girly girl' that it seems fitting to wear pink in her memory.

    Your Friend,


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