October 29, 2010

Halloween Family Fun


G-Man, Caroline, Alex, Mason and I loaded up the car with the baby paraphernalia and went to Auburn for the annual Downtown Trick-or-Treat festivities on Thursday night.  It was the first time for all of us and we totally underestimated it’s popularity.  There were so many people there, but it was a ton of fun!


Mason was the cutest cow/bull ever!!!

I argued for hours that he couldn’t be a cow because he is a boy.  I thought he should be a bull. Part of my argument was that there were horns on the costume and who’s heard of a cow with horns???  DUH!  Having grown up in the country around lots of cattle,  I should have known better.  Cows, can indeed have horns.  So, I lost this part of the argument, but I still think he is a little bull,  I don’t care what the costume package says!


Two blocks of the main street through town and a cross street were blocked off.

A live band was playing in the street under the traffic light at Toomers Corner. 

The sidewalks and the streets were hustling with happy children and their parents…

lots and lots of children!!!!


Alex and Mason pose in front of Toomer’s Drugs, home of the best lemonade

you will ever drink!


Aubie stopped head banging long enough for me to take the picture…Mason didn’t!!!


A very tired baby cow/bull fell asleep before we got back to the car.



some “Blue Creek Home” Halloween photographs

This scarecrow is so innocent and cute…until it’s gets dark!!!  

* He has been standing at this window for two weeks and it still

startles me for a second when I walk into G-Man’s office.


Alex carved Frankenstein Pumpkin


Caroline carved Owl Pumpkin.  I think it’s a hoot!  : )


I love this cardboard chandelier hanging in the foyer.


Hope that you all have a safe Halloween weekend!



  1. Oh he is just adorable in his little cow costume!
    Looks like a great time, I wish our town did something like that!

  2. That is the cutest little bull I have ever seen!! Looks like such a fun evening and the sleeping-in-car shot is precious!!

  3. I had to laugh at what you said about the scarecrow in the window, Rhonda! I've done that myself where I've been startled by the shape of something in the night and it's something I've put out, so it's not like I don't know it's there! Mason looks adorable; what a fun time it looks like in your town. I just go with the blurry photos of my granddaughter. They move so quick sometimes that a perfect shot can turn into a blurry one and vice versa.

  4. Rhonda,
    What a cute little cow/bull...he is sure growing fast...love that Aubie pic! Looks like a fun event...i just heard that we are having a homecoming parade friday night... I'm sure little Mason would like that too. I'm off to a wedding in Selma...then stopping on my way home in Jackson to watch the game with my sister...I sure hope we can beat those black bears...WAR EAGLE!!!


  5. Beautiful babies! And I, too, love that chandelier! Diana

  6. Omg, those cheeks!! How do you not constantly want to kiss to chubby little cheeks? Love his costume. That scarecrow is a great spooky silhouette!

  7. Well I think Mason is the cutest little cow/bull ever!! I love the photo where he's all tuckered out at the end. Halloween is hard work!

  8. Oh Rhonda, I don't know how I missed this post, Mason is so cute in his little cow/bull costume!!! So glad everyone had a great time! hugs~~~ Daphne


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