September 16, 2010

My Gorilla Glue Door Project

I hinged two vintage doors together

added small iron brackets with a glass top below the window

added vintage shutters

added a decorative door handle

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

       A POEM 

                                            (a really bad one!)                                 


There once was an ugly old door…


who had issues and problems galore…


      she sure needed scrubbing...


and lots of my loving…


Her beauty I hoped to restore!


I grabbed all my very best stuff…


and wanting to prove it was tough…


the glue worked like magic…


she’s no longer tragic…


She’s finished--- and I’ve had enough!!!



Yeah, Yeah, I know.  That was pretty cheesy!  I should have stuck with Roses are Red!!!

  If you want to see the long version of the process, read on.


This pitiful door was purchased for $8.00 at a local flea market


It was in sad shape – disgusting actually! 


The finish was N-A-S-T-Y!


The first thing I did was strip the old finish off


I used Gorilla Glue to attach broken pieces of window molding


Gorilla Tape held things in place as they dried


I wanted to add a glass shelf under the windows on the prettiest side

  I removed the bottom molding


Then I had to saw a groove that was the thickness of the glass in these two pieces


After the pieces had dried,  the mirror slipped right in


Hobby Lobby brackets hold it up


The old door knob was a cheap replacement so I was left with a hole


I gathered some scrap pieces together


The piece I used was a hardwood floor sample – glued it up nicely


Slipped it into the side opening


And she he fit like a glove!


I filled the rest of the hole with wood putty and then stained it


Since there were no screw holes,  I grabbed the Gorilla Glue again


Clamps held it as it dried


I attached these vintage shutters to each side of the window

and put back the original deadbolt lock.

On the backside,  I have attached two large H.L. brackets

that will hold a triangular shelf.


This was a fairly involved project, but I am so glad that I did it?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have purchased more hangers, knobs, and pretty things to attach to the other sides.

Now,  do you want to know where I am going to use it?

I will tell you my exciting news tomorrow!!! 

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  1. Excellent job, Rhonda!! I don't think I would have had the confidence to tackle this, but you did fine! I like your poem, too!! :-)


  2. Wow, that turned out great. The stripping is the worse part in my opinion. I love the way it looks now!

  3. That is sooo cool!!! I will be back to see where ya put it!

  4. You are too cute Rhonda! What a fabulous job! I cannot wait to see where you decided to use it.

    ~ Tracy

  5. Neat project, Rhonda. You are amazing!

  6. What a wonderful thing to behold...
    Although it won't keep out the cold..
    It's a feast for the eyes..
    She said, with deep sighs..
    I think you could sell it for gold!

    okay-It's the stinking Irish in me that loves a limerick.. I quit now! You did a wonderful job with that old door. Great idea! You have a real eye for seeing something in your mind's eye and then bringing it to fruition! I am are good, girl...good.... Hugs- Diana

  7. Rhonda, Incredible job on that! It's a wonderful piece now, and you salvaged it beautifully!! Great job!
    Blessings, Doni

  8. Rhonda,

    You continue to amaze me. Beautiful job on giving something old a new use.
    By the way, I posted my own poem (of sorts).

    Your Friend,

  9. Wow this is fantastic I love it. It's a lot of hard work but the finished process is stunning. I love the Vintage door, that is just so interesting. I would never have thought to do that. Enjoy a great weekend Rhonda

  10. Unbelievable! I love it! I can't wait to see where you are going to use it!

    Lou Cind :)


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