August 22, 2010

I’m Back Home and I’m Getting Busy!


First,  let me say that sister #4  is recovering from her arm surgery (she shattered the radial head and dislocated the ulna in her left arm – the end of the radial bone was cut off and a stainless steel prosthesis was attached).

She was in extreme pain for the first 36 hours following the surgery, but thankfully the pain meds are controlling it pretty well now.  She is hilarious when she is taking Morphine.  She becomes Chatty Cathy!  ( I totally just dated myself, didn’t I?)  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Now that I am back home,  I am busy adding a new line of frameless art prints to “The Shop @ Blue Creek Home”.  I have found a source who sells gorgeous art.  I have spent hours in the two rooms that are full of loose art prints, mounted prints, mattes, and great frames.  These are overstocks,  images that were cut unevenly, maybe a bent corner,  some with surface damage, etc.  If you have the time to dig through the piles of prints, rows and rows of frames, and other supplies, you can easily unearth wonderful things.  And,  I love doing just that!  They also have the most gorgeous mirrors and framed art ever!

I recently purchased prints - some of them already mounted on foam board.  If there is an uneven side,  these are easily re-cut with an exacto knife.  It’s also easy to cut them down to fit a smaller frame or add a matte so a larger frame can be used.  The unmounted prints are perfect for framing and other art projects.

I usually frame my own prints. Picture frames are always on my list when I am shopping at flea markets, antique malls, and thrift stores.  They can be found at really good prices and easily transformed with a good cleaning and a little paint. 

I have been busy photographing and measuring the prints.  Hopefully,  I will have them added to my Etsy shop by midweek.

For now though,  I will share a few of them here.



Love these bird prints


The tattered edges won’t show once these butterflies are framed


I think these butterfly prints would look good in shabby turquoise frames


White sea coral on a black background.

Pop them in shabby white frames and you will have instant art.


These are some of my favorites - aren’t they wonderful???

Simple black frames are all these need.


Here are some of my personal art purchases from this source:

This is a frame and print that we put together for Caroline’s apartment.


I have two of these yummy frames waiting for art or mirrors


I stretched this canvas bird print on a wooden frame that I built


I love assembling my own art…it is always less expensive.


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  1. My favorites are the red coral and sponge set. These would look great in black frames in the right space :-) Now I want to go look through the rest of what you brought home for the store!! Glad you are back and glad Aunt Sister #4 is doing well.

    Much love to ya Muddy!
    ~ Alex

  2. Rhonda,
    What beautiful prints that you have found here...I love the coastal ones!!! Glad to hear that your sister is doing better and that you are back home with your family.


  3. Rhonda-First off...I am so glad your sister is doing well. That is a terrible surgery to have and it will be a long recovery for her. Lots of physical therapy in her future...poor lady! I'm sending up a prayer for a smooth rehabilitation!

    Secondly...LOVE the prints you found. My favorite (besides the mirror) is the last one that you stretched onto the frame. It just looks Old World to me. Lovely...lovely...lovely...Diana

  4. Bonjour Rhonda,
    That is great news about your sister. Glad she is now on the mend after such a painful ordeal. Will ocntinue to pray for a speedy recovery.
    What wonderful finds you have found, The birds are lovely. The wooden frame is gorgeous!
    Good luck to everyone in the giveaway!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Glad all is going well for your sister. I'm sure that was a painful procedure.

    I love the coral prints. So pretty. And the frame is gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful. Love the blue jay!! I actually like all of the prints but the blue stands out to me. Sorry to hear of your sisters arm. SPeedy recovery to her. I used the term chatty cathy today on another blog. You ever think about going back and typing something more hip to preserve your chronic age of 39, in my case... hehehe.. Tazzy

    don't forget to stop by for a chance to win my GIVEAWAY!

  7. Prayers for sis #4 still coming your way!
    Those bird prints are so pretty. But everything you do is awesome! Hugs Anne

  8. Love love love those bird prints!!! That empty frame is gorgeous as well! You have such an eye!


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