August 29, 2010

Estate Sale Treasures

Don’t you hate when you drive past what appears to be a potentially great yard sale and you’re in a hurry?  I think the smart thing to do in this situation is to turn the car around and quickly run through and see if there is anything there that you can’t live without. 

This happened Friday morning as I was rushing back home from an appointment to pick up Alex and Mason. We were leaving for an impromptu family reunion about two hours away. ( I will be sharing more about that later this week.)

So,  I did the smart thing and turned my car around, ran across the busy street,  and determined pretty fast that everything that I was interested in was overpriced.  As I was leaving,  I noticed that the door to the big white house was standing open and I could see that there was a lot of activity in the foyer.  So,  I ventured inside wondering if I was about to eat breakfast with the family who lived here!!!

Thankfully, A sweet woman greeted me and told me that she buys three or four estate sales a year and this was a little bit of all of them that she wanted to get rid of.  She had some of her personal stash there as well. 

I quickly gathered a boxful of things that I wanted.  Most of my things weren’t  priced,  so I had no idea how much my box of treasures would cost. I held my breath as I asked her the price of my things. Much to my delight she was charging much less than I had expected!!!  Don’t you just love a good deal?



Some of you know how much I love to find odd silver plate pieces.

All four pieces were only $3.00!


The knife blade is rusty, but who could resist that incredible handle.


Love the handle on the butter knife.


I also love mixing vintage floral china pieces.


I purchased seven of these beautiful plates that were marked $5.00.

She let me have them for $2.00 each.

The eighth one had a chip so she didn’t charge me anything for it!



These ornate gold pieces were my favorite purchase.

On the left is an old Dixie cup dispenser and a vintage perfume dispenser is on the right.

These little beauties were only $3.00 each!


This was some of her personal things that she was selling.

She had used it lying on it’s side.


Being a do it yourselfer,  I had to repair it!


I searched the whole house for something to use on the bottom so that it would stand up.


I knew that I needed my trusty Gorilla Glue for this project!


It’s hard to tell here, but this is two separate feet from a lamp that I had saved.

I glued them to a washer to build it up to the right height so it would clear the decorative trim at the bottom of the perfume bottle. 

I then glued this piece to the bottom.


A little gold paint and…


She is up and fabulous!!!


I think I will use these new things in the guest bathroom.

She is about to get a mini makeover.


She also rounded up a big pile of vintage linens for me.

I will have to share those later as they are in the washing machine

getting all cleaned up to become BCH Original pillows.


I hope that you will follow me to these parties:

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  1. Wow! Score! You got some goodies. I have to leave for work early on Saturdays because I just can't pass up a good sale. Estate sales are the best especially when not professionally done. The pattern on the flatware is amazing.

  2. Glad to see you had better luck then I did. You found some great treasures. Love the flatware.

  3. Rhonda,
    Good for you...happy to see that you found some those plates...beautiful pattern and I always love beautiful flatware. Thanks for coming to NTT!!! Now I want to see all the vintage know how I luv them!


  4. Holy Cow! Aren't you glad you turned that car around!?! I love all your finds and can't wait to see the linens! I LOVE that knife handle. I don't recognize that pattern at all but I'm sure someone will. WOW! Diana

  5. What wonderful finds Rhonda! The silver pieces are gorgeous! You are soooo lucky;)!

    Can't wait to see your new linens!


  6. Great finds! How lucky for you. Love the flatware and the perfume bottle.

  7. Oh how I love estate sales and you sure did find treasures at this one. Love your perfume bottles.

    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Great finds, Rhonda!! You are a wizard with the Gorilla Glue!!

  9. So many fancy treasures, great finds!

  10. Cha Ching!!! You hit a great one! Those are lovely pieces! Good repair job too! Can't wait to see the linens...I love them. What I just can't stand is to be going somewhere, have NO time to stop and pass up sale after sale...hubby just doesn't have any hurry bones in his body, so we're usually running late....
    Well....I'm starting early each time now with the notice ahead of time that I PLAN on stopping at no less than 2 sales on my way ANY WHERE, and he'd better be ready to stop!!! I usually drive, so that's not the problem, but being late somewhere IS!!! So glad you stopped!!!
    Blessings, Doni

  11. Rhonda I love your estate finds!! I can't wait to see your linens!

  12. Wow, You think just like I do. I would have searched my house/garage to find the perfect part for the little bottle. I'm always hunting for silver and you sure got a good deal. Happy hunting:-)

  13. Well, Rhonda, you've certainly made a case for turning the car around! You found some incredibly beautiful items. The dixie cup holder is killin' me - who remembered they were made that ornately?

  14. Those are beautiful pieces and the prices are incomparable. I especially love the art nouveau figure on that handle. So graceful.

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  15. How lucky that you turned around and went to check it out!! That knife handle is gorgeous and you are the bomb in the fix it department! Just Fabulous!!

    Lou Cinda :)


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