June 16, 2010

A Sweet Surprise


Mason had to get his two month shots yesterday.  Caroline had brought the mail in earlier and placed it on the kitchen counter.  As we were just about to walk out the door, Alex spied a package on the top of the mail pile and inquired about it.  It was from Fairfield House.  I had already received the giveaway gift that I had won from Deborah earlier.  I couldn’t imagine what it was,  so I told Alex to hurry and open it before we left.

I was busy with Mason so I wasn’t watching her, but I  heard her gasp when she saw the contents of the package…it was a gift for little Mason!!!  I got choked up.

You see,  I have never met Deborah.  We met through our blogs – a few simple comments turned into genuine care and respect for each other.

Deborah is a very talented writer whose words always move me.  Her latest post is thought provoking, and ‘dead on’.  You should take the time to read “Fledglings”,  especially if you have young children.



Deborah surprised us with cute clothes for Mason!!!



This is my favorite!  Mason is going to be so cute in it!

Deborah,  I hope you don’t mind the attention.

I just wanted you to know how very much your kindness means to me and Alex.


REMINDER - Today is the last day to enter my CSN Giveaway!!

I am announcing the winner tomorrow!!  

I  hope to have some new pillows to share with you, too!




  1. How sweet! And he will be absolutely adorable! We've met the very nicest people blogging
    xoxo Pattie

  2. How thoughtful. I truly believe that the blogging community is filled with kind souls. I do enjoy the Fairfield House blog and agree that Deborah is a very talented writer.

  3. How cute and how thoughtful of Deborah! Is it two months already? I'm sure he is getting cuter and cuter every day!

  4. Oh how precious those little outfits are and what a kind friend you've made:)

  5. Oh my how sweet! I hope you are planning a fashion show with baby Mason!

    I have not been to Fairfield House...I am off to check it out! Any friend of yours is worth a look;)!


  6. How sweet and thoughtful and adorable too!


  7. Dear Rhonda,

    You are too kind, your words too sweet.

    I'm happy you and Alex were pleased with my selection of outfits for your little man. How could I resist?

    Your Friend,

  8. What a thoughtful and special person Deborah is. Mason is going to look darling in these outfits!


  9. What a sweet friend...aren't surprises wonderful? Almost as good as precious friends.

  10. This is such a sweet blogger story. It was so sweet of her to think of you and mason. Time is going by so fast! I can't believe it's been 2 months!

  11. Bloggers are the best! I love it over here! Your sweet grandbaby is going to look so handsome with his new outfits!

    Hugs Anne

    I am sorry you got that darn scam/spam e mail. I am trying to get off Face Book and it is so user unfriendly. Someone told me it is a virus waiting to happen. Someone took over my account and my daughter's and we are locked out! Darn hackers!

  12. How sweet of Deborah... Mason will be so cute in those outfits!!! Blessings~~~Daphne

  13. Mason will be adorable in the outfits. How sweet of Deborah to think of him.
    xo, Sherry


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