May 29, 2010

Visiting My Sister


There is only a 2 1/2 year age difference between me and my #4 sister, Jan.  We did everything together growing up in rural Alabama.

After G-Man and I married, we moved to Virginia, then California, then Mississippi.  Visits were few and far between during those 20 years.

Moving back to Alabama six years ago has allowed us to get together more often.  We discovered that separation hadn’t caused us to skip a beat…we picked up right where we left off. 

Jan has always said that it was probably a good thing that we didn’t live close together.  We would have stayed in trouble!!  We can definitely make some noise - mostly hysterical laughing.  When the other four sisters, my brother, our spouses, kids, etc.,  are added to the mix,  it can be pure chaos! But,  we love fiercely, laugh hardily, and we can harmonize like crazy!!  I thank God daily that He chose them to be my siblings!  He is good!

Caroline, Alex, Mason, and I went to Aunt Jana’s for a quick overnight visit on Thursday.   Sister # 1 and sister # 3 came over and spent time with us, also.

Jan’s design aesthetics are very similar to mine.  I took a few “snippet” photos while I was there that I thought I would share.


This is the lovely bedroom that Caroline and I shared.


I adore the arrangement on the antique side table.


This gorgeous print in the bedroom belonged to our parents.


Alex and Mason got to stay in this pretty room.


This lovely tablescape is in the formal living room.


The bakers rack, also in the formal living room, holds a few of her blue and white pieces and family photos. That is her precious grand daughter, Sophie,  on the second shelf.


This photograph was taken while her beautiful daughter Emily and husband, Ilya, were in Russia visiting his parents.


  Jan and her handsome husband Rick at one of their travel destinations.


In the breakfast nook, this bird condo is just too cute! 

Our talented brother made the rustic cabinet.  I wish you could see more of it!


I love this green bench in the breakfast area.


This cookie jar was in the kitchen at our childhood home.  It is lovely in Jan’s kitchen now.


She made this incredible seashell mirror.  I am sooo jealous!!!


The top of the mirror is great.


Jan picked up a lot of these shells while visiting Emily and Ilya in Florida.

***Jan is the type of sister who will often give you something if you say you like it.  Maybe, I should share with her just how very, very, much I love this mirror!!!!  JK,  I wouldn’t…would I????


I hope you enjoyed the mini tour!!!



  1. Rhonda, I did enjoy the little tour. I'm getting in some sister time this weekend too. I only have one sister, and we are less that two years age difference. It's fun to be together!

  2. I'm so jealous of those with sisters- my parents never accommodated that request!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Sounds like you had a great visit, Rhonda! From those snippets you shared, your sister's home is lovely.

  4. Great post - love sisters ! That mirror is to die for - she is very talented.

  5. Rhonda,
    You can tell you are sisters...same "talent" sister is a talented artist, but we are, sadly, estranged...that said, I have lots of "soul sisters" - you are invited to be one, as well.

  6. Loving the green bench too!!

  7. What fun you had! My three girls and I can laugh and get loud! I miss my oldest sister Pat! When she and I got together with Mary my middle sister, oh my! We would laugh hysterically and my older sis always had some deep family secret she would spill!
    This mini tour was so delightful! I enjoy visiting and it has been a bit since I stopped by. I am still catching up on the Pink Saturday posts! I heard you were a lucky winner at Fairfield House. Oohh... Have a blessed Memorial Day with the family. Hugs to the family. Anne

  8. Oh Rhonda...what a wonderful trip! Sounds like ya'll really know how to have a good time...all made easier in such a lovely setting! I wish I had been there!

    I hope you and your family are enjoting the long weekend!

    Happy Memorial Day!

  9. Nothing like visiting your sister for some serious girl time. I love her home. The rose picture and the cookie jar from your Mom's home are precious.


  10. Very pretty home! I know you enjoyed staying there with your sister. Tell her thanks for sharing her prettiness with us. :)


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