May 2, 2010

Lucky Thrifting & A Mini Tour


I still haven’t shown you a few of the things that I found in Ft. Walton Beach while I was with Alex - before baby Mason arrived.  She was still working the first two weeks that I was there, so I had a little spare time to do some junking.

There was one big antique mall that was really convenient to her townhouse, so I stopped by regularly hoping to find something new.  After a few stops with nothing interesting,  I decided to give it one more shot.  As I circled the parking lot looking for a park, I saw this sitting on the sidewalk outside the store with some patio furniture.

You know how your pulse starts racing when you see a treasure and can’t get to it?  And, you feel like fifteen other people are already racing to get there ahead of you???  Well, my heart was pitter pattering like crazy and I still had to find a parking spot and then try to run,  sprint,  okay, hobble over to check it out.  After what seemed like forever, I arrived on the sidewalk and was able to check out the prize!  I think I danced a little jig right there when I saw how wonderful it was and I when I saw the price.. I went into full Riverdance mode!!!



Here she is – all 28”x14”x17” !!!!   She is huge!



The tag said “old galvanized container with lid” -  $9.00 !!!!  I thought maybe the first number had faded in the sun.  But, it was really only $9.00.   L-U-C-K-Y!!!

The top is galvanized and it was badly rusted.  A good sanding, washing, and clear lacquer cleaned it right up.

I am pretty sure that the bottom is copper.  I don’t think galvanized surfaces get such wonderful patina.  The clerk told me she was pretty sure it was copper, too!



I can’t tell you how cute the worn wooden handles are. 

I’m lovin’ it! 

I think I am going to fill it with pink geraniums and leave it in the courtyard.


I took a few more photographs of the yard and the courtyard.  G-Man is cleaning the fountain right now.  I will do another post when the fountain is back together and the geraniums are in my new copper pot!!!



The vines have covered everything on the courtyard walls.  This is after I pulled some of them away.



This one isn’t hidden yet.  I think it’s time for a little gentle pruning!



An old window fills a corner.



This lion’s head has been up since we built the house 6 years ago.  It is made of resin but I put concrete over it and did a rusty paint finish.  It looks like concrete for real.



My only brother is a very talented carpenter.  He has been making these cedar birdhouses for several years.  He gave me two of them and I love them.



I have a couple of these old peeling columns in the courtyard.

I adore them.



I have a slate tile on the top to help keep water from seeping into the wooden top.



This grapevine heart needs a birds nest in the bottom, don’t you think?



My house number art is holding up quite nicely.  You can read the how-to post HERE.



This concrete sweetheart is in the side yard. 

She has been with me for almost twenty years and is one of my favorite things.



This area is down the hill from the concrete statue. 

We haven’t done anything to this area yet.  It is shaded by a canopy of low hanging branches all day.  I’m thinkin’ a hammock would be perfect there.



This little bench is in the lower part of the yard. 

I think this is where I will read my new “Flea Market Style” magazine.


Thanks to all of the gracious hostesses of the following parties:


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  1. Your garden is full of wonderful things. I'm loving all the delicious crusty, rusty ornaments.
    You scored big time on your copper bottom pot.
    It will look great filled with flowers.


  2. Of course you had to run, sprint, hobble to get that gorgeous hunk of metal! I'll bet when you got there and saw that it was only $9 you were beside yourself. Love it!

    Your garden is FULL of beautiful images and treasures and I love the cedar birdhouses made by your brother.

  3. I love love love that tub. I am cracking up because the name of my post is "Watch me Jig" # 44 at Rhoda's. enjoyed the tour.

  4. I don't know where to start.
    Everything is wonderful.
    And wow- what a find at $9!
    I enjoyed visiting-
    I need to clean my fountain too!


    White Spray Paint

  5. Your garden is wonderful! What a steal you got for $9.00 and geraniums will look perfect in it. My son and DIL live in Ft Walton Beach and I try to hit all the antique shops when we visit them.

  6. I love it!!! Your yard is just lovely!

  7. YOU TOTALLY SCORED with that gorgeous metal container!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It will fit right in with all your other beauties.

  8. Love the peeks into your yard, Rhonda! Great find on that container, too! I have that same little girl statue in my yard {I call mine Shy Girl} and have it over 20 years as well. I had originally gotten it because when my daughter was little, if someone told her how pretty she looked in her dress, she used to do the same pose in the statute.

  9. Rhonda,

    First off, why didn't your hubby get your celebration "River dance" on video?! $9! Goodness that is a steal for a giant galvanized tub with lid! I would have done a cartwheel! I must make a trip to Alabama one day for some serious treasure hunting. I'll have to rent a box truck.
    Your court yard tour was lovely. We too battle climbing vines! I especially like your column and finial. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.
    Stop by and enter my giveaway.

    Your Friend,

  10. OH my, what an awesome tub you found. Your garden is amazing.

  11. Rhonda, I just love your outdoors! Beautiful photos too, great job. And that old piece you found. Gorgeous!! I love it. It would be great for parties too, filled with ice & sodas. What a score, thanks for joining the party!

  12. Okay girl!!! you need to explain the term pay dirt!!! lol! I'm from the south too and I have never heard of that one! lol!

  13. Hi, I found you through Rhoda. What a find with the huge tub! Which antique mall were you at when you found it? I live just outside Ft Walton Beach so I would love to check out the store. I've lived here less than a year so I'm still trying to find all the good spots! Your yard is really beautiful!

  14. I love this stuff, especially that galvanized tub and the post with finial. That's my kind of thing!

  15. Yep I am loving your tub. What a deal of a deal! Your garden is just beautiful. Be blessed. Cindy

  16. Score!!!! Great job. I know that feeling oh so well....I sometimes feel like jumping out of the car before even putting it in park when I see such finds.
    Your garden area is just lovely. A hammock would be perfect under the shade trees. Ahhhh
    Enjoy, Dana

  17. Love all the treasures in your garden. I especially love the little girl and your tub! Yes, the area down the hill from the little girl statue looks like a fantastic place for a hammock!

    ~ Tracy

  18. You have a lovely garden. The art work are all beautiful. I specially love the girlie statue!


  19. Rhonda,
    Lovin' this COOL tub...I sure do wish I was there to see you trying to get to it:) Was it at Smith's? I also love your beautiful yard!


  20. You have great things in your garden. It must take a lot of upkeep. Everything looks lovely. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  21. HI Rhonda,

    You have some very interesting items in your garden. Love it. Glad you were able to get the will look like a magazine cover filled with geraniums!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  22. I just love your "weathered" treasures! They have so much more character!

  23. Beautiful garden, but I love the little girl the most :-)


  24. So many wonderful treasures. I'm with you on the hammock....I want one so badly. So much pondering could be done while enjoying such beauty in your yard.

  25. What an AWESOME find and an unbelievable price!! I think it will be stunning with geraniums in it!! And your courtyard is so beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures.

    Lou Cinda :)


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