April 23, 2010

A Visit From Aunties

Today Mason will be meeting four very special ladies!  Three of my sisters,  #1 Aunt Mar,  #3 Aunt Jack, and  #4 Aunt Jana, and my sister in law, Aunt Pat, are coming to Blue Creek Home to see our baby.

We are so excited!   Alex has prepared home made chicken salad, cream cheese and pecan stuffed strawberries, and spinach dip with water chestnuts for us to snack on during the visit.  I’m not sure where she gets her love of cooking. Probably from her Aunt Jack, who once baked cakes for several restaurants in Birmingham.  She is bringing cupcakes!!!  I can’t wait to see what kind they are.

I am glad that noise doesn’t bother baby Mason.  We can be really loud when we get together!  I love being with them – we always laugh so much! 

This is short, but the house is upside down and I have three hours to tidy up and clear off the sofa before they arrive!!



See what I mean!!!


Mason’s Elvis impression!


He is so bright eyed.


                                                                             Our big boy looks tiny on our big bed.



  1. Love how you put all the names on that top pictures. So funny!

  2. He is just so beautiful. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats and wherever I'm laying down at they all have to be there on me. So much love. Have a great visit with your family.

  3. How cute they are all sleeping! I had to laugh when I saw Ginger and Maryann, and then saw the others sleeping nearby! It's like everyone has "their" spot.

  4. Hi Rhonda...

    Ahhhh!!! What a sweet photo of mommy, Mason, and all the furbabies...that's a "memory maker" for sure! Girlfriend, you little Mason is sooo adorable...I have really enjoyed looking through all of your photos of him!

    It sounds like you have "quite the day" planned with the Aunt's visits! I just know that ya'll will have the best time ever!!! Mmm...all the food that Alex has prepared sounds delicious...yummy! Enjoy your visit, sweet lady!!!

    I took a peek at your last post, Rhonda! OMG...I just loved each and every photo! Just my style! I hope that you get to go to the show this year...I would love to!!! Well my friend, I just wanted to let you know that we are doing a bit of celebrating over at my place. My Sunday Favorites meme turns "one year' old this Sunday! I'm having a gift giveaway to celebrate...if you get the chance stop by this weekend/next week!

    Have a fabulous day, sweet lady and enjoy your Aunt's visit!!!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. It sounds like all of you are going to have a lovely time. I'd like to stop by just for the food! ;-D

    The picture of mom and baby (and doggies) is adorable. Isn't it tiring when you have an infant? But a good tired!

    Have a wonderful time, Rhonda!


  6. What a sweet picture of everyone sleeping. Little Mason is the cutest baby! Enjoy your family visit

  7. congratulations he is beautiful! you all look like you are
    "dog tired". haha get it. diane

  8. That is the cutiest picture with everyone on the couch, and I love the 2nd picture to, sooooo cute!!! Blesssings~~~ Daphne

  9. I just LOVE that first picture!! And Mason will be so loved today! Enjoy
    xoxo Pattie

  10. Rhonda -

    Have a wonderful time introducing Mason to his aunts today. I'm sure even without his 'Elvis impersonation" everyone will want a piece of him! Just love him tender and don't step on his blue suede booties.

    Your Friend,

  11. You blessed that you have 3 sisters coming to spend time with you, and your family. What cuties!

  12. What a precious picture! I love this one!!

    Lou Cinda :)


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