April 18, 2010

Home at Last & Lots of Packages Waiting!


Alex, baby Mason, and I got home last night at 8:30.  We were absolutely wiped out!  But oh,  how wonderful to be in my own bed again.  I slept very soundly.

I had a lot of packages waiting for me when I got here.  I was tired, but not too tired to open them.


Love this Paris Flower Market Sign!!


All of the packages were from the giveaway that I won from Garden Adornments


The first package I opened contained this pretty soap from “Capricorn Soap Company". It smells so good.



The next box held this beautiful pair of sterling silver and carved turquoise earrings by “Angela Walker Jewelry”  I will have to find a good hiding place because the girls are going to want these!



I opened Aimee’s box next.   She sent me this Paris Flea Market Shopping Tote from her beautiful company “Garden Adornments”.  I’m lovin’ it!!!



These vintage style photograph postcards came from “Sadie Olive”.  There are so many great things in her store.



This Paris Flower Market sign from “The Back Porch Shoppe” is amazing!   I hung it on one end of the kitchen.  (1st photo of post)  I want to buy some potted plants to put on the shelf below it.



I love this charming set of Paris flower cart gift tags from “Painted By Renee”.



The Tyler candle is on it’s way from “The Old Painted Cottage”.  I have tried several scents from them and I like them a lot.  I  have not smelled French Market.  I am looking forward to receiving it. 


So, it felt like Christmas in April last night! 

A great big thank you goes out to Aimee at  “Garden Adornments”  and also to each company who donated these beautiful items.

I am very thankful to be home with Alex and Mason.


He slept the whole way to Blue Creek Home.




  1. Congratulations on winning those lovely little prizes but I think you have won the biggest and bestest prize in the whole wide world with dear little Mason! What a gorgeous baby!

    Best wishes always,

  2. Congrats! Fabulous Gifts, Woo~Hoo Your lil Man looks like a lil doll he's darling.~Enjoy kim

  3. Bonjour Rhonda,
    Welcome home Grandma! COngratulations on all the fabulous goodies. I agree with Natasha - your baby Mason is the mowt wonderful prize of all. HAve a great day and happy first Sunday to Mason!

  4. You have hit the jackpot this week for sure!! Welcome home Grandma, Mama, and Mason!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Rhonda, he is soooooo cute! I think you made out like a bandit all the way around! Glad you are home!

  6. How nice to come home to gifts like those. I know what you mean about your own bed. Mason is too cute!

  7. What a gorgeous baby - you are so lucky!!!!!
    Enjoy this blessing.

  8. Ohhhh what wonderful gifts! Most especially little Mason! What a beautiful baby! Hope all is well for your family ! Best wishes!


  9. Rhonda,
    Congrats on all the goodies...what a wonderful welcome home treat! Mason is so cute...I know all of you will have a blast with him and Alex at BLUE CREEK HOME:)


  10. Rhonda,

    Congrats on all your treasures but especially Gods greatest miracle, little Mason. What a beautiful boy!


  11. Welcome home and congratulations on all your wins. Mason is such a beautiful baby! I know he will be such a joy for you.

  12. Oh, the packages are great, but that little darlin' is the BEST!!!


  13. How is it possible that Mason keeps getting cuter every time you show him to us?! I just want to squish those cute little cheeks! :)

  14. Congrats on all your beautiful winnings, so darned yummy. And look how sweet Mason is..


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