February 8, 2010

Beach Box


The ‘storm porn’ guys are calling for a Wintery mix here on Wednesday…can we not ever get straight up snow.  Does it have to be some kind of messy mix??

I needed a good spring pick me up when I heard this today, so I got right to work on this box.   By the time I had finished, I knew that I wanted to fill it with seashells and other odd and ends!!





I found this cute little box while I was junking last week.  It was already painted green.

I guess maybe I had me some Saints on my mind during the Super Bowl!  

I painted a little black and gold design using acrylics.  After it dried, I sanded it.




I dirties it up some with  earth brown Aqua color.

Love the Dole label inside.  I hated to cover it up!




I got two of these bags of seashells at Ross for $8.99 each.

They have really big shells and even a starfish.




I found two of these pretty green shells at Dollar General for $1.00 each.




I filled it with shells, a wreath with tiny pine cones, a gold, silk rose that I made, three mineral specimens,  and burlap and twine scraps.




Aquamarine – my birthstone




Another blue mineral deposit on a rock  ( forgot what it is)




Is this malachite????   I got a set of four at T.J. Maxx packaged as coasters.

I held it up to the light for this photo.




I am feeling a little warmer already!




I know that you have heard me say this before, but I LOVE decorative painting.

I miss Faux Biz and working in high end, gorgeous homes.  I sort of miss getting up and going to work every day…Naw!!!!  I miss the gang and the classes.  I miss teaching the furniture finish class.  I miss making samples. Oh, what fun to open a new product and play!!!!  I miss the out of town classes,  jobs, and shows in  Florida and Las Vegas and Texas, etc.   (*** We presented a bid and lots of samples to Johnny Cochran when they were building a huge house in Georgia.  Mrs. Cochran liked gold.  I have never gilded and gold leafed so much in my life!!  Someone else got the contract.)

I don’t miss being up 20 ft. on scaffolding and waking up aching from head to toe. I don’t miss the fumes or  deadlines.  I don’t miss- missing the last step on the ladder and hitting the floor  hard enough to rattle my already loose brain almost every time I came down. Duh!!!

Forgive me, I got side tracked!!!




I bought the box to put on Etsy,  but I am afraid it needs to stay right here on this little side table!


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  1. Your BEACH BOX is way COOL...good luck on the weather!


  2. Hi Rhonda,
    I know what you mean about missing out on the "fun" part of the job. I loved the seminars and getting together with other creative painters/designers.

    I've been MIA for awhile so I will read more and catch up on what you've been working on. Stop by anytime!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  3. Love the box!!! Makes a really nice decorating item!
    hugs, Erika

  4. No way I would part with that beautiful box, no way! It looks so pretty with all the shells.


  5. Yep, no way that box should be sold... it found its place! So summery, sigh. :)

  6. Bonjour Rhonda,
    I would keep the bow too. I have the same problem, I have trouble parting with all the little trasures I find!
    I didn't know you did that type of work - how exciting. But then we already knew you were talented.
    Take care with that messy weather mix.

  7. I love that beach box, so nice with all the shells in it...Christine

  8. Pretty, box! Everyone has boxes today and I found a faux leather treasure chest type box at one of my Family Dollar stores! Now I have a new idea about what to do with it!

    Have a great week!

  9. Love your little box! I'm guilty of doing the same thing. Finding a bargain and intending to sell it and the keeping it. Oh well, good for us!

  10. You had me when you mentioned shells. lol. I too love boxes, any boxes. Put the two together and it has to be a winner! I love your box and the finish. The whole thing, box, shells everything is wonderful. Thank you for visiting junkblossoms. I hope you'll be back soon. I love your blog and am going to sign up to follow. Have a great week. Pat.

  11. I spent years as a faux painter and muralist and every time I start to get sentimental and miss it, I think about those aches and that scaffolding!!

  12. LOVE! That box is to die, and your shell arrangement is beautiful. I can't wait to break out my shell decor!

  13. Rhonda,

    What a beautiful treasure box! I, like your other readers, would not part with it. However, being a returning customer of yours (smiles) I hope you come across some other little boxes! I understand missing some parts of your career - I do as well. Being up 20 ft. on scaffolding? They couldn't pay enough! Yikes!

  14. Now that is a box I fell in love with at first glance! What a fabulous job you did with it and I would never let that out of my sight! Perfect project for a cold winter's day.


  15. Hey our baby sister...
    All is wonderfull with our Sophie girlie! All are having fun. Almost blew away on the beach today, but beaucoup shells. We all picked up lots of different kinds. Bad weather brings them in. You gotta help me build my "shell-ter". Get some beauty rest. We will be coming back to Alabama on Saturday. Love you, The Fourth and Third Sisters,s the umpteenth niece, the darling great niece. Looking forward to her purchase!


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