January 13, 2010

Master Bathroom Tour


As promised, I have photographs of our master bathroom. 

It needed some cleaning, polishing, caulking, and fluffing.  I enjoyed it – sort of felt like spring cleaning. 

I did a couple of projects during the clean-up.  I will post those in detail a little later.


Come On In…It’s Vacant!

I love the Jacuzzi!!!

(One of my favorite colors is the color of water in a white bathtub.)


I hung this shelf yesterday. I will tell you more about it next week.


I decided to use my seashell bottles from Greyfreth here.


Love monogrammed linens! The center one is vintage.


Got to have candles and pillows.  The small pillow is made from a dishtowel!!!


Our antique window reflects the light beautifully, throwing rainbow colors on the wall!


Antique crystal chandelier over the tub-


came from an apartment in NYC.

Starting to get dark.

We had clear glass installed between the tub and shower so that we could see out the window.  (No neighbors on that side)


Photograph taken inside the shower!


From the shower you can see how cozy the tub is when the curtains are drawn.


This teakwood tray keeps toiletries handy.


A good magazine is a must!


For extra privacy.


I adore smocking!

On the floor, we butted the 24 “ travertine tiles to avoid large grout lines.

We used several different tiles, careful to make sure they blended nicely.

This is my end of the 10 ft. vanity.


Okay, I put the fan in the closet.  At my age, you need one in every room!!!


The center dressing table is 6 inches lower than the 36” high cabinets.


I am lovin’ the new French lamp that I made.


I have had the topiaries for a long time.


Got these adorable wooden pears at H.L. for 75% off!!!

They have a fabulous gray distressed finish.


This is G-Man’s end.


He doesn’t miss the lady statue being in his corner.


The reason the cabinets are 10 ft. long is so that I could use these overmantels as mirrors.

I lost some major closet space to make it happen. But it was so worth it!


This gives you a clearer view of the faux ostrich skin on the walls.


The large gold leaf mirror is propped against the wall.


I love this bed jacket.  My mom used to wear them.

This one is hanging on the door to the potty room…water closet…room with a john, or as Caro just called it….the room with the porcelain throne!!!!


Yes, I am very aware that the walls are different and I usually do not like it when they are different.  I wanted this room to stay lighter and I was really tired of “ostriching” anyway!

Mostly, the latter reason!!!


This old metal shelf over the porcelain throne (ha) holds some special art pieces.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!!!!

I still have one more project to finish.  And then I will start posting some specifics about the different things that I worked on.

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  1. Favorite post so far!! I love your bathroom so much. Good job Momma!!

  2. Beautiful bathroom. You must love relaxing in it at the end of a tough day! Congratulations.

  3. I AM MOVING IN WITH YOU!!! Your bathroom is gorgeous!!! I soooo need your help with blending old and new...you are a master!!! My bottles looks so pretty in that shelf...I think I am going to let you keep them. I love the way you have accessorized everything and I adore all of the surfaces you chose!!!

    As always I am in awe...I just wish I could come up with some new adjectives...lol!!!


  4. GORGEOUS!!!! I would love to hang out in your bathroom. I might not ever leave. Just kidding. A girl must eat.

  5. I don't even know where to begin. I LOVE your bathroom. It is so, so beautiful!!!! It has a lot of very feminine accessories, but the ostrich wallpaper and taupe tile keep it from being too over the top girly. It's a wonderful mix. Although I doubt your husband picked out the rose covered tissue box on his side of the vanity :)
    I love the shelf in your loo room. I love your shower cutain, the mirrors. Oh there are just so many things I loved. Thanks for the tour!!

  6. Love it! Looks straight out of a luxury hotel! I adore that leaded window~ and the lamp you made!

  7. You must love relaxing in it at the end of a tough day! Congratulations.

    Work from home India

  8. Gorgeous bathroom. I love everything. Hugs, Marty

  9. Oh my gosh Rhonda-it is lovely.
    But, please, bring me up to speed.
    Is this a remodel?


  10. It is absolutely stunning, Rhonda. So many beautiful vignettes to delight the eye. You've inspired me again ~ I want a chandlier over my tub, need to convince hubby.lOved the smocked shower curtain, where did you find it?
    What a beautiful bathroom!

  11. Your bathroom is gorgeous!!! Can you come over and help me do mine!;)

  12. Rhonda,
    You always seem to leave me speechless! It is truly magnificent!

  13. What a lovely bathroom! I particularly love the curtain for the jacuzzi (what a great idea!!) and the antique window & chandelier. Gorgeous!

  14. A stunning bathroom. I love that shelf and can't wait to hear more about it.

  15. Just beautiful, Rhonda! I love your shelf unit over the tub. I have a jacuzzi tub as well and, while I'm not a major bath taker, I do like to turn it on when I do have a bath. Looking forward to reading more.

  16. Rhonda this is beautiful!! That window is 2die4! I would leave the view to that open too!! Your lamp is so gorgeous, you already know I covet that! And the shelves on the wall over the tub? LOVE!!! Can't wait to hear the scoop on that! LOVE the floors....butted is a good thing! You have such a great eye for details!!

    Lou Cinda

  17. Wow this is gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the tour!!

  18. Everything is so beautiful! I think the mirrors are my favorite, and the bed jacket is the most gorgeous I have ever seen.

  19. Bonjour Rhonda,
    Just beautiful, no detail has been overlooked!
    What a treat to disappear in a luxurious bath at the end of a long day!

  20. This is so beautiful! You are very talented. Thanks for sharing. I want to see more!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous...what a sumptuous retreat you have created. I agree with you about the color of water...and I love all the details you have included. Enjoy this beautiful retreat.


  22. I did indeed enjoy your wonderful tour. lovely home! suzie xxx

  23. My favorite part is the shelf and the window, they add so much character! Gorgeous re-do~ Cindy

  24. Beautiful, I love it all and I the pears are great. I have a thing for pears!

  25. Vintagely Beautiful.....i really love all the nooks you found to create a home of it's own. Really enjoy finding inspiration here! thank you.

  26. Your bathroom is stunning! Can't wait to hear the details!

  27. Oh my... your bathrom is just stunning! So elegant looking. I love the ostrich wall treatment. Is that wallpaper or a faux finish? If it's faux, I'd love to know how you did it.

    Again.... just gorgeous. I'd never want to come out of there. LOL

  28. Rhonda, This is one of the prettiest bathrooms I've seen. I love your idea of the curtain that can be drawn to have privacy in the tub. Everything you've done is breathtaking. I love the wallpaper too (I am guessing it's paper!).

    So beautiful!


  29. Rhonda, I am new follower !!!! I really enjoy reading and looking at your gorgeous bathroom and master bedroom..love love it!!!
    Your Bathroom is very relaxing i love the shelf and the curtain great idea makes me do mine lol..


  30. Your bathroom is gorgeous! I would find it hard to be on time for work if I had that space to get ready in ;) Love the sink area, windows, tub, shower and the accessories are lovely.


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