January 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary Baby, Got You On My Mi-Hind!

There is nothing other than the title that our marriage has in common with this 1978 “Little River Band” song.  I think this couple has gone their separate  ways and he is obviously missing her more than she is missing him!!!

Thankfully,  we are still going strong after 26 years together. 

Tomorrow will be day one of our 27th year together.  

Where does the time go?  It feels like yesterday that I was walking down the aisle.


January 8, 1983 was a very good day!!!


(((Thanks babe, for being such a good husband and wonderful father to our girls.))) 



  1. Oh my...ya'll are darling!!! You look so beautiful...and happy!!! Love the pics!!!


    Where does the time go? We are getting ready to celebrate our 30th...can you believe it? We all are very blessed to have these wonderful long term marriages!!!

    Enjoy your big day!!! I am so happy for you both!!!

  2. Congratulations!! Wishing you the very best in the next 27 years.

  3. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful bride...still in the days of "going away" outfits. When our daughter got married last summer, I felt exactly the same way...this was just us :) It helps to know that we all feel that way. Hope you are blessed with many more happy years together!

  4. Happy Anniversary Rhonda!
    You should both be so proud of such a long and happy marriage. So nice to hear. You made a beautiful bride and you look very happy. My honey and I are coming up on 5 years - I waited and waited - and he waited and waited - and then Wham! the Lord put us together. I'm so glad I waited for the very best!
    If you have a moment to spare, I'd love to see what you think of my latest post, I think your anniversary would be a perfect fit!
    Enjoy the next 26 years together!

  5. Happy Anniversary Rhonda and wishing you many many more! Love the pictures.

  6. Happy Anniversary! We were married in 1983, too! August 20. All of our friends who were married that year are STILL married! It was a good year, wasn't it? :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! I married in 1978 and it was a GREAT YEAR, too!

    Blessings for many more happy years together. LOVE THE PICS!


  8. Happy anniversary!!! You won my streams in the desert book giveaway!!!

  9. Happy Anniversary -- we celebrated our 40th in November -- it seems long and not all that long!

    Congratulations on 27!

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby, Rhonda! It's so great to be together this many years and still be in love. We celebrate our 25th in May and I just can't believe it.

  11. Happy Anniversary, Rhonda! Your hair looks exactly like mine that year!!!!


  12. Happy Anniversary to you both! Awesome! We are the rare ones in today's society. I am grateful to have a terrific husband. Sounds like you were blessed with one too! I wish you many more! Love to you & Hugs and Kisses

  13. Oh my land your pictures are just PRECIOUS! I love it! Thank you so much for posting those! How special! And happy anniversary! My husband and I just got married October 24th, and couples like you who've stayed together for so long are SUCH an inspiration to me!

  14. Happy Anniversary Rhonda. It's wonderful that you found your true love and stayed committed to each other all these years.

    Wishing you both many blessings...Tracy :)

  15. Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful bride you are! Many more happy years for you two!!!

  16. Happy Anniversary! What lovely pics, and here's to many more happy years together!

  17. Happy anniversary! What gorgeous photos! suzie. xxx

  18. Awesome!! Happy Anniversary, Rhonda! And, here's to 26+ more wonderful years to come!!

  19. Twenty six years is an achievement! Happy anniversary to you both. Many more happy and healthy years together.

  20. Well Happy Anniversary Rhonda!!! 26 yrs, how awesome!!

    I love the wedding collage you put together...beautiful!!

    :) T

  21. Designing and sewing our bride's maid dresses, gorgeous coral and teal combinations that would still be chic...The sisters and neices talking at once in the high excitement as we all dressed for the wedding and admired the lovely bride here in this very house where I sit...Happy Anniversary to my precious baby sister and her G-Man. Much love--Your Fourth Sister


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